Three Letters Re: A Recent Experience On An Ultra-Low Calorie Diet


I don’t think it was the calorie restriction which made him suffer those ill effects. I think it was the high soy content of the meals. Despite all the hype about how healthy soy is, the ugly truth is that soy is not that healthy.

First, it is highly genetically modified, so it is nowhere near the original cultivated plant.

Second, it is a false estrogen and plays havoc with one’s endocrine system. Even in a healthy person with no endocrine (thyroid) problems, that much soy can cause ill effects. I think it was the soy protein messing with his endocrine system which caused all the ill effects he experienced.

A caloric reduction to 1200 to 1500 calories a day is not that drastic a reduction when the food choices are healthy. – B.C.

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Right off the bat, a big problem I see with the diet that BadIdeaGuy was put on is that it apparently relied heavily on soy protein, which is one of the worst things you can eat. In fact, we would all be healthier if we were to eliminate all soy products from our diet. Soy is NOT a health food! Search “soy” on for the complete story of why you don’t want to be eating this stuff. – W.M.

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I read the guest author’s article with interest. I am trying to lose weight and found that what may work for you will not work for me. I suggest that readers re-evaluate the food storage they have (unless they already eat large quantities of 3rd world protein). I know you recommend that everyone eat what they store, but I fear that few do. When the balloon goes up, it would not be a good time to find out that “Passport to Survival” and your wheat, salt, sugar, and honey, is woefully inadequate. I have abandoned the conventional wisdom of the current Food Pyramid, or whatever they call it now; as it is unworkable for me and too close to a Vegan diet that I refuse to participate in. The 60 pounds that I am trying to shed are all as a result of trying to eat a low fat high carbohydrate diet that was loaded with processed carbs and replaced fat with sugar. I have adopted the “Paleo” style of eating, which is the opposite of the author’s doctor suggestion. Look at for a better idea, but basically I avoid wheat (as if I were gluten intolerant) and other grains and sugar. That means my food storage is leaning heavily towards freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, meats, oils, and fats. I would suggest you plant a garden and also have the supplies to turn beef in the freezer into canned meat, if power is lost. Of course if normal food production is off-line, none of us are going to have food any more processed than our great grandfather’s, and our sugar intake will match theirs as well. – BFT

Hugh Replies: If freeze-dried vegetables are to be a mainstay of your food preps, you’ll be very interested in an upcoming review. SurvivalBlog is currently evaluating an in-home freeze-dryer. We will have an in-depth review shortly.

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