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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at Zapping Fake Power Grids.

Gun Sales Surge — Mostly for Pistols

Gun sales surge fueled by first-timers, mostly for ‘concealed’ pistols.

Zapping Fake Power Grids to Help Us Survive an EMP Attack

Reader G.P. spotted this: Scientists Are Zapping Fake Electrical Grids to Help Us Survive an EMP Attack.

Here is a an excerpt:

“Substations are the central hubs of the power grid, but if you don’t work for a power company, it may not be obvious. Next time you’re driving around, watch where the power lines go — eventually they’ll connect to large metal towers on a fenced-in patch of dirt or rock.

On the outskirts of the substation will be a little shed, called a control house. Think of it as a giant version of the circuit breaker in your home. It houses the switches, batteries, meters and control boards that keep transmission lines and transformers in check.

The control houses can be made of a variety of materials – concrete, brick, metal, or a combination of the three. But little research has been done on what might happen to these power centers during an EMP. To find out, Randy Horton and his colleagues at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) took on the challenge in a report released in April.

Horton and his colleagues at EPRI spent the last three years simulating what happens when E1 waves ripple through the equipment used in power stations. This included actually zapping transformers and transmissions lines with high-frequency pulses and building substation housing out of different materials and putting them to the test to see how the electronics inside held up.”

Unplanned Movie DVD Debuts #1 on Amazon

I was pleased to see that the pro-life movie Unplanned had a debut at #1 in Drama DVDs at on its release day. Congrats to the film-makers!

Prepping is Now Part of Mainstream US Politics and Culture

Reader C.B. sent this: Forget ‘Obamageddon’, ‘Prepping’ is now part of mainstream US politics and culture. For more detailed reading, here is a link to the original scholarly article.  Note that the study depended on biased sources like the SPLC.

Does DuckDuckGo Search Engine Hands Over Your Data To Google?

I spotted this at (my favorite news aggregation site): Google Alternative Touted As Being Private Search Engine Hands Over Your Data To Google.

Michigan Bans Property Seizure Without a Conviction

A hat tip to reader DSV, who sent this: Michigan Bans The Cops From Seizing Your Property Without Conviction. A pericope:

“The Heartland Institute reports that three new bills were signed into law which limit property seizure practices in the state.

These new statues ban police officers from seizing property in suspected drug crimes without first acquiring a conviction or plea agreement.

Civil asset forfeiture is a legal progress that enables law enforcement to confiscate assets—cars and money—from individuals suspected of being involved in illegal activity. In previous cases, law enforcement did not even have to charge the owner with a crime. The owner would then have to go to court to get their property back.

Now, these new laws prohibit police officers from taking property for suspected drug crimes without first having a conviction or plea agreement in cases dealing with assets below $50,000.  These new laws also mandate that the government notify an individual if their property has been confiscated while shifting the burden on officials to prove that the forfeiture is justified.”

Abortion Killed 42 Million Worldwide, in 2018

Reader C.M. suggested this article:  Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People.

Unconstitutional Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws Coming Soon

Unconstitutional and Tyrannical Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws Are Coming Fast.

Lib Warns: Keep Your Kids Away From Their Pro-Life, Trumper Grandparents

Huffington Post: Keep Your Kids Away From Their Pro-Life, Trump-Supporting Grandparents

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  1. @ Prepping now mainstream – Unless you read the article to understand the context, which you linked to the abstract of the article, not the article itself (behind a paywall), no one could understand the context in which the author draws from the SPLC.

    Seeing how the premise of that article is that the media is responsible for the rise in prepping, rather than political ideologies or racism, then it seems that the author would be demonstrating how the SPLC is incorrect in their bias of prepping.

    1. To follow up, this is a direct quote from the paper for the way in which it cites SPLC.

      “According to the SPLC, the number of ‘antigovernment patriot’ groups grew to over 1,000 percent between 2007 (131) and 2011 (1360), while the total of (mostly right-wing) “hate groups” – having lingered at 458 in 1999 – surged beyond a thousand for the first time in 2010″ – Cites SPLC for this.

      The article further states that the majority of scholarly research that focuses on prepping lacks scientific credibility and falsely links prepping to extremism.

      Much of this I would personally agree with. However, there are some issues with the study in which the author does project bias as it relates to the overall process of what prepping is. As an example, if you go to a prepping expo, or have a sample size of 39, predominantly right-wing, then you are going to have right-wing results.

      To the author of this paper, should you find this, consider broadening your scope to climate change, the back-to-the-land movement of the 1960s, the catholic workers movement, among others as to provide a better understanding. In fact, go over to your atmo-department and interview your colleagues. There, I bet you will find they are preppers by another name.

      1. First of all this is OUR country not the LEFTs and not the SPLC. This is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. THE LEFT and SPLC can get the H-E-L-L out of our nation.

        The LEFT and SPLC are antichrist principled and not Christ principled in their daily goings. Any RIGHT WING (Christ follower) is labeled a HATER due to GOD HATING antichrist principles as WE DO.

  2. I have not gotten to read the actual prepper study yet, but the general press coverage and summaries already seem to sensationalize certain aspects and convey a particular bias. I am actually one of the preppers that the paper author, Dr Mills interviewed. He stayed at our home and we spent several days together. I found him to be a kind, straightforward, and honorable man. I am reserving judgment on the study until I read the complete paper.

    1. I can provide you a copy of the paper if you like. I find it very interesting and awesome that you participated in this study! Thanks for chiming in!

      It is also great that you notice the difference between the way in which the press is framing the study, and your personal experience with the study. Great perspective.

      1. Thanks for the offer Muddykid. Actually, a little bit after posting earlier I e-mailed the author, Michael Mills, and asked him to send me a copy. As an aside, this particular paper was based on information he collected during his second visit to the U.S. On his first visit to the U.S. interviewing preppers, he and I just had lunch. Before his last trip, he contacted me again, and we spent several days together. It’s an odd feeling to be a subject of scientific study. Also, although it shouldn’t be, it seems odd to me that there are “American Studies” departments at foreign universities. Why would someone want to study little old us. 😉

  3. I am certainly glad to see more people purchasing firearms and exercising their Second Amendment rights. I would like to see them receive training and become proficient in the proper use and storage of their firearms as well. An armed population is good. An armed and trained population is better.

    1. Re: BGF, An armed and trained population is better

      I’ll back up this observation with an experience I had this spring. Was helping out a friend who always has AR’s in his vehicles. Suspecting the worst, when I attempted to clear one, the action would not open. It was a brand new rifle, loaded and living in a pick up that has been only test fired, and then stored in several vehicles. All of their AR-15’s and AR-10’s , virtually new, were inoperable. No one in the family knows how to clean and lubricate AR’s. AR’s must have lubrication. Brand new AR’s also need lubrication. If there is no time to clean it, at least lubricate it. Yet they are so easy to clean. I hate to recommend this, but if you are afraid to disassemble the rifle, and there is no way you are gonna learn, hose the action out with Break Free-CLP.

      These are very educated folks, but are not mechanically inclined. I cleaned and lubricated All of their semi-auto rifles and handguns. All the AR’s were inoperable. ALL! If you do not know how to clean and lubricate your weapons, get an AK! Yes, they are crude, they are rude, but an AK can run on rust if they have to and their steel mags are reliable. The most important thing a rifle must be able to do, is go Bang, every time. Cavemen use AK’s because they can. AR’s are not for cavemen.

      1. Exceptional teaching lesson. While I do not own any of those items, I appreciate and the shared wisdom. I especially loved:

        “The most important thing a rifle must be able to do, is go Bang, every time.”

        1. Hi Krissy,

          That is the bottom line. It needs to go Bang every time. If it were up to me, I would never recommend an AR, or other fine battle rifle to some one who is likely never to get the training, or might not have the aptitude. Even if you cannot hit the broad side of a barn, even when in side it, the AK can be neglected and still go Bang. In some environments, the AR must be cleaned and lube every 500 rounds, or you will be clearing it when it should go BANG. Not in every case. I am not saying the AR cannot be very reliable, but it is not as reliable in *untrained* hands as is the AK.

          I speak only from personal experience. I do not speculate here. If the person does not know how, and when to lube their semi auto rifle for extreme cold winter conditions, be it an M1A, PTR91, or FAL, I do not care, then they too should be using an AK. The AK was made for the Russian woods, and Russian winters, to be used by almost untrained Russians. It is brilliant in that way. I can get a new shooter checked out in a AK in a few hours. It would take 2 days on the AR. Did you have 2 days worth of training on your AR? I took an AK out to the woods, and tossed it to set there for weeks. I did not do anything to it special. Several weeks latter in the snow and rain, the action was rusted up and would not move. I took it to a tree and smashed the action’s handle against it, to get it to move. It then fired a magazine, slowly, but it did go Bang, every time. The AK cycled faster and faster as the rust turned to dust and lubricated itself with dusty rust. The AK is made for the Guerrilla. I have had spanking new AR builds not cycle, because it did not have enough oil.

          Yes, these AR’s are sweet, some highly accurate, an advantage for sure, but I will not take them into harsh conditions without a cleaning kit and plenty of oil, and the correct weight of oil for the season. And do not forget to scheduled in routine maintenance for every one with an AR. Don’t forget! I am sorry to be so rude, but it is reality. Everyone should have one. The AR is sweeeet, but don’t bring to a fight if you do not have the training.

          Krissy needs to drop everything and find what will work for her. A semi auto 20 gauge shotgun with #4 or heavier buck, is IMHO, is it the most suitable for those without experience, and the most firepower for the buck, for the situations they would likely find themselves, home defense. Then go for a .38 Special double action revolver. Forget the less expensive semiauto handgun, unless you already have the training. She should be able to make it go Bang, at least once, and make it count. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. I taught myself to shoot and hunt at age 10. Ate pheasant same day. No Daddy around. It is not rocket science, yet if there is ‘no will’, then there will be ‘no way’. Geez, I’m starting to sound like a DI (Drill Instructor). And I am just starting to get warmed up. I wouldn’t want to get controversial now, would I?

        2. I read a story about a group of shooters who came to a training session only to be told to leave their full size guns in the holster and use their concealed carry pistols for the course of fire. if I crecall, less than 25 percent of the guns worked on the first try, and most of them were revolvers. So it’s not just ARs that need to be well cared for.

          I blow the lint out of my gun and pocket holster every couple weeks and it always astounds me how much works its way in there.

          A couple weeks ago after reading a post here about magazine springs, I bought Wilson Combat extra power springs for the Glock 17/22. I am replacing the springs in all my old Glock magazines, just to be safe.

          Give your gun and magazines a tune up. Shoot your carry ammo in a practice session and replace it with fresh stuff. It might save your life!

  4. RE: Prepping now mainstream. The SPLC used to be somewhat objective and fought for the rights of oppressed. Not so anymore. For more years than I care to count they have been extremely biased and political. For evidence of any bias, on most any subject, consider where the info comes from and from whom the money comes from. IE: follow the money to get at the truth.

    In regards to the increase in gun sales and the dimwits clamoring to “do something”, Judge Napolitano has a good article regarding the un-Constituionality of “doing something.”

    My question is: If we need to “do something”, how about next time you are in a crowd for whatever reason, and some wanna be criminal mass shooter pulls out a gun and starts shooting randomly, how about if you pull out your gun and shoot the idiot back! There, problem solved, you’ve alleviated the problem and have “done something”….. Gumint need not apply…

  5. I had previously read the article by the liberal woman who was airing her dirty laundry in an Internet article about keeping her children away from their conservative grandparents. It broke my heart. What a selfish hateful woman. But, it is informative to realize how influenced some people are by a “college education”, the liberal mainstream media, and social media. I don’t know what the answer is. You can’t control who your children marry or how your grandchildren are raised. You can pray and I advise praying earnestly and often. You can also set the example and live your life in tune with the Lord’s teachings. I do know that God loves my children and grandchildren more than I ever could, and I do know He cares, and I do know He is powerful. Amen.

  6. Re: Reasons for prepping

    Put aside concerns about politics, economic theory, etc. Although I think they can be of great concern, you don’t need them be motivated to prep.

    One of the best motivations I ever heard came from a radio interview with a physician who had looked into the overall public health implications of a repeat of the 1917 Flu Epidemic. He particularly talked about the effect of “Just In Time” supply chains in a situation where people are unable or unwilling to move about the country much. Particularly truckers. He stated that manufacturing is so integrated with sales, that when you purchase a jar of peanut butter at a major supermarket, the ripple effect triggers the manufacture of the next jar almost real time. There is an insignificant quantity of peanut butter in warehouses anymore. Reduced inventory in everything. Very little reserves as a society. This was not always the case.

    To me that means you and I need to warehouse what we need even if it is not for the big world wide or national event. Or even the really long event. A regional event of a few days or weeks can put you in the hurt locker pretty quick.

    Since [Hurricane] Katrina the government (federal, state and local) has even been encouraging increased preparedness. It just makes sense. You don’t need political motivation, although it is motivating as well.

  7. There are many threats to the power grid.EMP,CME,and Cyber Attack are the most frequently talked about.
    On April 16 2013 the PG&E Metcalf power substation, near Coyote California was attacked with small arms fire.157 rounds of 7.62x39mm. were fired into the electrical transformers,causing 50millon dollars in damage.
    I believe this attack was carried out by domestic terrorists such as the Earth Liberation Front,or one of the many Muslim Sleeper Cells.
    The first shots were fired at 0058hrs. and ended at 0104hrs.One partial finger and one smeared boot print were found, both unusable as evidence.Small stacks of rocks were found in three spots outside the fence,causing investigators to think that a reconnaissance
    had been conducted on the facility in order to establish firing positions.
    The power loss was minimal.The physical damage was great.
    The attack was sophisticated,but low tech. I believe it was a probe to test the power company’s reaction,and law enforcements response time.

    There many substations in out of the way places all over the country,with virtually no security.
    Keep your eyes open,because our enemies’ surely are!


  8. I would recommend not buying AR’s since it seems sooner and not later all of them will be banned. Why sink serious money in them.

    A better weapon in my opinion is the pump action shotgun. They seem to be under the radar. Also a good bolt action 308 with spare parts naturally.
    Lastly a good pair of GP-100’s in stainless steel and most threats will not survive such tools.
    And only a full confiscation order will effect these and long before that edict is issued, chaos will be everywhere.

    1. Re: Shotgun as home defense.

      IMHO, there really is no good substitute for a 30 round box fed semi auto rifle. I love my classic Remington 870 Wing Master for home defense, yet unless supported by a semi auto rifle, it is use for home defense, or close up work. However, if the funds were too tight, I would go for a pump action 12 ga, if one trained with it enough to cycle the action reliabily, and not forget to pump it, or ‘short stroke’ it. I would use a modified choke and bird barrel that helps me hit clays reliably. A clay is about 4″ in diameter and is moving fast. My shotgun with choke will at least get a hit out at 75 yards with #4 buck. Ammo management is very important when using the very limited capacity. The operation has to be totally second nature. This is why I recommend the 20 guage auto. Less recoil, faster back on target, and no risk for ‘short stroking’ the action that can occur with a lack of training. The choice is also predicated on the assumption the the fight will be over before 4 rounds are fired. A hand gun doesn’t even come close to the stoping power of a shotgun. It is about stopping the fight fast enough to avoid getting hurt.

  9. I’m definitely a Trump supporter but if he signs ANY form of a red flag law in to effect I and my wife will stay home and not vote for Trump. I will consider it a betrayal to gun owners and the constitution.

  10. The left will use Red Flag Laws when first “buy backs” and later general confiscation fails. Gun confiscation squads will swoop in the middle of the night, smash your door in and clean you out. In spite of the brave talk of Sheriffs, I believe that too many cops will get an adrenaline rush on such duty.

  11. Red Flag Laws:How about the govt using PTSD as an excuse to TAKE guns?Included in this category would be 1)US military ie.anyone who ever served 2)Any police officers 3)Any firefighters 4)Any EMTS 5)ETC.

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