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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Make sure you read the article on the updated NIST recommendations for electronic passwords.

Incorrigible Bear

In Durango Colorado, a bear broke into an SUV and took it for a short joy ride. It yanked the steering wheel off of the column, ripped the radio out of the dash, released the emergency brake and rolled it down a driveway and into a mailbox and over some utility boxes at 5 A.M. It then busted the rear window in its escape. Authorities are sure it was a bear because it apparently defecated in the car (likely because it was nervous over the vehicle moving). I wasn’t sure for a while if we were talking about an incorrigible bear or a teenager. Apparently a late frost damaged the berry production and the bears are hungry. If you live in the area, make sure you take proper precautions. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

PC Police

Google has fired James Damore over an internal memo that he distributed on how Google was creating a politically correct environment. Damore backed up many of his claims about the differences in people with references to scientific studies, but Google obviously doesn’t care. Political correctness won out and the crying snowflakes got their way. Google also ignored it’s own motto of “Don’t be evil”. Good news though… is hiring him. Thanks to several SurvivalBlog readers for this article.

o o o

The mother of a California 9 year old boy is complaining that she was turned down by every bakery in the Stockton area when she asked them to make a Trump themed birthday cake for him. Breitbart reports that they contacted several of the bakeries, but none have returned their call. Reader D.B. suggested that the mother tell them it was for a gay, minority, Muslim wedding and the bakeries will fall over themselves to make it.

North Korea

News agencies are widely reportingthat North Korea has miniaturized their nuclear warheads enough to fit on an ICBM now. Back in May, the Christian Science Monitor was reporting that they expected North Korea to have up to 100 nuclear ICBMs by 2020. Now news agencies are reporting that it has already started. The claim reportedly comes from U.S. intelligence agencies. If true, it is certainly bad news. However, it may also be the beating of the war drum as the U.S. military-industrial complex tools up for yet another war front. We will be keeping a close eye on this one. Thanks to Old Bobbert for this one.

Health Care

Those who are wanting a continuation of Obama Care should read this article. Canada is now weighing the concept of paying doctors a premium for pushing euthanasia to lessen the burden on their state health care system. Euthanasia was legalized in Canada just over a year ago and now they want to push it as a primary “choice”. Wait… The state incentivizing doctors to kill patients? What happened to the hippocratic oath? This is the health care system we want to emulate? Thanks to D.S. for the link.

Electronic Passwords

For 20 years, the NIST recommendations on creating passwords has trained people to create passwords that are extremely hard to remember, but very easy for computers to crack. Now, retired NIST manager, Bill Burr, says he regrets the paper he authored that encouraged they bad password habits. He now recommends that people use phrases made up of random words. They are much easier for humans to memorize, but much, much harder for computers to crack. Thanks to G.P. for the link.

Wool Blankets

I just noticed that SurvivalBlog advertiser, Keep Shooting, has a limited supply of Swiss army wool blankets in stock. These are some of the best made and most desirable wool blankets made and they are only $77.97 each. They are over 50 years old and still in excellent shape. These are originals, not reproductions.


  1. The google memo guy even tossed in support for global warming and an attack on the right for not believing in it in his memo. Guess it wasn’t enough appeasement to keep his job.

    But really, what did he expect to happen? A promotion? lol what an idiot.

  2. I am fully aware that it’s not at all funny when you have to deal with the aftermath of their destructive behavior. I also realize that they can be hyper aggressive and deadly, even when unprovoked (we have a solid population of black bears in TN). Nevertheless, there reputation as the “jester of the wilderness” is well earned, and some of the predicaments that bears find themselves in are truly hilarious.

  3. About health care. They want to push euthanasia, just like it is done in many countries of Europe as we speak. Euthanasia is not the right to die, but the right to kill. First hey will come for the elderly, then the chronically sick, then the mentally hill. What else could be considered unsuitable in our society? Will they let soldiers die in wars to save money? Whit that kind of thinking anything is possible.

    1. “First hey will come for the elderly, then the chronically sick, then the mentally ill.”

      Making Canada and too much of the US sound more like Nazi Germany than freedom loving America. Euthanasia, used to be called murder.

  4. About North Korea.
    answer from Gen. Wesley Clark
    Published 9:27 AM ET Thu, 10 Aug 2017

    The US has only one option on North Korea’s nuclear threat now

    •North Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads for its missiles and might soon be capable of striking the United States.
    •What we need right now is steady leadership, not bellicose rhetoric in deterring North Korea.
    •We have to be strong and resolute, and not engage in some risky, ill-advised military action.

  5. About Euthanasia, don’t be naïve. They want to do this in the USA as well. Europe and the USA have a lot more weight in decision making than Canada, whish is a yes man politically for all purposes. The average person is not demanding euthanasia. It is not considering euthanasia as a god given right, if you see what I mean. Certain European countries are more accepting of euthanasia and some are favoring it. It all started with the Liverpool care pathway for the dying. Liverpool is a city in England. You can go as far as the 1930s in Europe to study the policies of Euthanasia. There is much to say about this topic. At the present time they are using indirect ways to obtain the results they want. Euthanasia is the direct and open way. Canada is by no means a leader in Euthanasia. Basically the attitude of favoring euthanasia comes from the idea that people who are nor useful to them are surplus population to be discarded. This way of thinking can take you far.

  6. Different topic: we should not be seduced by electric cars. Current (pun intended) batteries make them short-range vehicles only. The batteries are toxic when disposed of, too. (note: solar panels have a 25 year useful life and they are also toxic when disposed of. There are currently no plans for the disposal of the batteries in the various solar farms.)I believe the future of cars is probably nat gas and methane gas from “flammable ice” mined from the ocean floor. Always assuming no SHTF first. EV’s are dead tech rolling.

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