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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Today we are featuring some interesting Second Amendment focused articles, but first this gut wrenching article:

Reverend Hillary

I looked for any kind of indication that this was a satirical article and came up empty handed. Now, recognizing that while The Atlantic calls itself “moderate” it clearly leans solidly left. Even so, I think I’ve thrown up a little in my mouth. It certainly begs the question of “Exactly what Gospel will she be preaching?”: Hillary Wants to Preach. Perhaps she is trying to emulate Al Sharpton or something like that. But The Atlantic says it best: “There are no more voters left to lose.” Thanks to T.P. for the link.

Feral Hogs

The Southern and Western states are facing an increasingly difficult situation as feral hogs expand their domain and destruction. This article sent in by reader H.L. is a good introduction to those who are unfamiliar with the issue and the massive destruction that they can bring. Most interesting is the articles revelation that hogs are actually not wanderers and that their expansion is most likely due to humans transporting them to create hunting.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment Foundation has issued a travel advisory to firearms owners to avoid going to California. They accuse California of ignoring the Second and Fourteenth amendments (McDonald v. City of Chicago) and warn that if you travel there, you stand a chance at being prosecuted for carrying or being killed if you are not. Perhaps a bit on the dramatic side, but I get the point. Vote with your feet. Thanks to reader D.B. for the link.

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Reader T.J. sent in this video from Reid Henrichs on making your own affordable knock-down steel targets. These are inexpensive targets where you can buy most of the parts at your local big-box hardware store and once built, you no longer have to bend over to pick the targets up. What a great idea for those of us getting up there in years! Note that these are pistol targets— not rifle targets.

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Wranglerstar is getting into long range shooting. Using a Remington 700 in 6.5 Creedmore with a Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25 optic, Cody is reliably hitting targets at 1290 yards. The class was put on by Leupold Optics Academy and targeted at rank novices. Even Cody’s wife attended the class ans was able to hit those long range targets. How cool is that?!. Another surprise is the Rob Furlong (of 2500m Taliban Sniper kill fame) was also one of the instructors.

Encryption Security

Reader D.B. sent in this article on a review of Swiss based private communications group Wire Swiss GmbH and their software. It is very thorough and covers issues like how Wire deals with the Patriot Act and the U.S. government intelligent services penchant for hacking such communications companies. Wire uses an end-to-end (e2e) concept where you messages are not stored on the companies servers waiting to be hacked. If you are concerned about secure communications, you may want to read this article. It is a bit on the technical side, but that is unavoidable concerning the subject matter.


Were you wondering what sort of response a country’s military might have in an economic meltdown? Look no further than Venezuela. The military has had a history of unflinching loyalty, but the citizenry are starting to look to them to see if that loyalty is showing cracks. We’ve already seen the national guard captain attacking the government, both physically and through video, but now there is apparently a growing rebellion after calls from the captain for open rebellion. The official government statement is that it was a group of civilians wearing fatigues, but time will tell. Thanks to G.P. for the link.


  1. Re: Hillary
    I knew there was a good reason I left the Methodist church! In the 80’s when I resided in Iowa, extreme leftists like Hillary tried to take over the state’s Methodist churches. We successfully defeated them; however, leftism crept in slowly to the point where I didn’t recognize the church that my grandparents and parents had loved. I grew tired of “feel good” sermons with no gospel being taught.
    I now happily belong to a Bible-based Baptist church.
    So Hillary wants to be a Methodist minister. Hmmm, doesn’t surprise me

    1. If you liked the Methodist church of the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s you probably would like the Nazarenes, Wesleyans, the Evangelical Methodists, The Salvation Army, and others of that theological ‘stripe.’


  2. On a Venezuela comparison, I keep hearing how the majority of the military will “defect.” After serving for over 22 years, I don’t buy that at all. Some local Guard/Reserve units might, but active duty will still be in place. Most of the Officer Corp are liberal democrats, and the younger enlisted will have to feed their families. Just my own thoughts on this area.

    1. Hi Dan, would you be willing to expand on your experience that ‘most of the officer corp are liberal democrats’? While I do know a VERY liberal retired USAF Captain, most of the officers I know lean conservative. However, I don’t have 22 years in the service, so I might just be seeing a distorted sample.

      I would appreciate your thoughts.

      1. Yes, Sir, happy too. Perhaps I should quantify my statement. My personal experience, and those of people I trust, found the majority of USAF officers to lean liberal. I was Honored to serve 22 years, and met many officers in many different places around the world. Granted, most of them will not state political opinion, especially to the Enlisted, but if they know you, or you overhear them, that is another story. The few I actually knew that leaned Conservative were more Libertarian. They told me most of their cohorts were liberal to flaming liberals. They had to be very careful for their careers. Just my little snapshot of my tiny aspect of the world. God Bless.

        1. See reply below. Sorry that I did not put it here. Dan is correct. This wouldn’t go well. Officers (I was one) are KoolAid drinkers. The military is now full of people who are way to the left due to eight very solid years of social engineering. This isn’t your grandpappy’s Army/Navy/AF/Marines/CG.

          1. Drawing on personal experience, but I’ve found the more technical branches…Navy and AF…tend to be more liberal, while the Army and USMC tend to be more conservative. I’ve spent 24 years as a commissioned officer (USAR) but ymmv.

  3. What will Hildabeast preach, you ask ?
    Judging from her past performance, anything that
    will advance her evilness.
    No lie too small or too great for her to utter.

  4. Change of subject…..back to the hogs……
    what is the season and bag limit on feral hogs? If they’re as bad as you say (and I believe you, I spent four years stationed in Hawaii), it should be open season, year round, no limit.

    (Second question….are they good to eat as pork?)

    1. You would need to check on the state laws, but as far as I am aware, with few exceptions, there is no closed season or bag limit. There may be some restrictions during deer season (for obvious reasons).

      I do have relatives that lived deep in the heart of feral hog country. Yes, if you eat pork, you can eat them. As he asked me: “How do you eat fifty-seven 250lb hogs? You can’t sell them without some sort of FDA licensing. Many farmers tend to drag them out of the field and lay them beside the road where the coyotes and vultures take care of them.

  5. Those of you with feral hog problems might consider getting a few dogo argentine dogs to help with the hunt. This breed was deliberately created in Argentina to hunt large boars. They’re also good family dogs.

  6. I read sometime in the last year or so, the Missouri Department of Conservation has either discouraged or banned shooting feral hogs in some areas, because it causes them to disperse and interferes with their attempts to trap whole herds.

  7. Hmmm,Hillary, methodist preacher? Hmmm, I wonder if she will want a $60 million corp jet to spread the word of the lord like that black pastor in Alanta got.

  8. I would have to agree with Dan above regarding military members and whether they would “defect” or not.

    I also have experience in this area. There are lots of good people in the military who are truly patriots. Once people start getting formally charged with not following a direct order things would change quickly. I was an officer and I was also prior enlisted. Many officers now would not question their orders to do anything on our soil. The military has also been turned into a voting block due to years of social experimentation especially under Big O. There is no shortage of people who would act under orders.

  9. One of the most unlikely end times prophecies I ever heard was Kim Clements stating on January 4, 2006, that HRC would NOT become president, but would “have a testimony second to none and will eventually come out with it and make declaration that Christ Jesus saved her marriage, saved her child, and saved her life.” Naturally, when I saw that prediction, I found it utterly unbelievable. I walk around shaking my head a lot, lately….

  10. In Alabama the feral swine is considered a game animal and subject to Alabama game laws rules and regulations. Although the guideline are not specific, I take it that a hunting license is required to pursue any game animal in the state. Currently there is no closed season or bag limit. You cannot hunt them over bait and they can only be hunted during normal daylight hunting times with the exception of a special night time season from May – August. This night time season does not allow guns and is for dog hunting only. However, you can apply for and get a special permit for damage control purposes allowing you to hunt at night.
    In Georgia there is no limit and no closed season. Feral hogs may be hunted at night with a light (no voltage restriction), which is carried on the person, affixed to a helmet or hat, or part of a belt system worn by a hunter. No hunting from a vehicle. Feral hogs may be hunted over or near bait on private lands year round in every county provided that the bait is not placed within 50 yards of any property ownership boundary.
    I personally take advantage of Georgia’s liberal invasive species control regulations to harvest the majority of the hogs I hunt. I take them to a processor that normally process deer and I do eat them. To me they are just as good if not better than store bought pork. You cannot get bacon from the feral swine as there is not enough fat on them. I personally love the pork chops and sausage I get from them. This is the epitome of free range pork.

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