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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Today, we look at the Army’s plans to develop a new high velocity SMG. Instead of a Trench Broom, the Army now wants a Room Broom.

Brits Handing Out ‘Blunt’ Knives to Reduce Stabbings

Reader H.L. sent this news: British Police Handing Out ‘Blunt’ Knives To Reduce Stabbings

The First Pinterest Whistleblower Speaks Out

Project Veritas Features – Pinterest Insider Speaks Out: “The tech companies can’t fight us all”

And here are some details and leaked documents showing how Pinterest actively blocked Christian and conservative content: Pinterest Bans Zero Hedge By Adding To “Porn Domain Block List” Used To Target Conservatives.

Bard Suggests July 3rd Protest of YouTube

The Bard of the American Redoubt posted this video: July 3, Protest YouTube — Publish on alternative platforms.

Vermont Governor Deleted Pro-Gun Facebook Comments

Reader Anti-gun Vermont Governor Under Fire from the ACLU for Deleting Pro-Gun Facebook Comments. Thanks to Tim J. for the link.

US Army Developing New High Velocity SMG

A hat tip to Tim J. for spotting this: US Army Researchers Developing New Ultra-Light-Weight, High-Velocity Machine Gun. The article begins:

“The United States Army is reportedly developing a new machine gun capable of withstanding higher chamber pressures and allowing for rifle-like bullet velocities out of firearms both lighter and shorter than the M4.

The firearm will use a new breech and bolt design that allows the action to cycle even under extremely high chamber pressures. This added pressure will, in turn, allow projectile velocities to increase, improving terminal ballistics even in compact, short-barreled weapons. In one test, Army researchers achieved a muzzle velocity of 2,900 feet-per-second from a 10-inch barrel using a cartridge holding only 15 grains of powder. For context, most rifles with 10-inch barrels can only push a 5.56 NATO round 2,500 fps, which limits the round’s effectiveness.

“The goal is to get rifle-like velocities out of a very small weapon that is high capacity, that’s either adaptable for room-clearing or confined spaces,” Zac Wingard, a mechanical engineer at the Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, told TechLink. “Like you’re getting in and out of vehicles or a subterranean environment, but also applicable for remotely operated systems, so think like perimeter security or ground robot or even a drone.”

The Army is hoping the technologies can be developed for use both in small, lightweight firearms like the FN P90 and in full-size sniper rifles and belt-fed machineguns. The breech and bolt design would make smaller firearms more effective and would substantially increase the muzzle velocities of larger firearms.

According to TechLink, the U.S. Army’s new 24-inch prototype barrel produced muzzle velocities of 4,600 to 5,750 feet per second. The combustion chamber pressure was increased from 65 ksi to 100 ksi (100,000 pounds per square inch), almost double the pressure seen in the M4 carbine.”

JWR’s Comment: I hope that these guns will have quick-change barrels. With velocities like that, I suspect that the barrel rifling will last less than 3,000 rounds.

Parody: Robots Fights Back

Frequent content contributor G.P. sent this hilarious video link: Bosstown Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight BackJWR’s Comment: At the 1:10 mark, see the new WWF Edition Robot.

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    1. Blunt Knives in the UK ??? more like Blunt logic ……. and pretty soon our brilliant daycare drop-out PM from Canada will try to implement it here as well ……. the mentally desturbed are running the sanitorium

  1. I have family living in London for many years (since their childhood). Sending them emails, articles regarding freedom, discussing the downward trend of British world influence, discussing the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment, Sharia neighborhoods where they say the police wont go, etc. is like talking to a fence post or brainless robots. I’ve given up if this is any evidence of the mind set of the rest of the EU.

    1. I think that deep down they know it’s over and the only way to prevent the Islamification of England/Europe is open warfare/insurrection. And they don’t have the guts/will for that. Therefore it is easy to play out the clock, hoping they personally won’t be killed, raped, beaten until their time on earth is over. If they just play nice and wait it out they can continue in their safe and happy life. After all why rock the boat.

      I don’t say this to be insulting. In fact we, in the U.S. are doing the same thing in individual states and with the federal governments continuing war on the 2nd amendment. They are blatantly taking away our rights but we are unwilling to stand up to them in any meaningful way.

      1. We´ve over a thousand years time to learn to Play this game, we´re in the game 5 times longer than the colonies existed, in war and in Peace, we´ve coexisted, traded and fought, bled together and against each other.

        The Museums and Castles here ´re full of stuff taken from war with the Saracens, Seljuqs and Osman

        1. Please clarify. It sounds like you are saying “we got this, don’t worry”. But this is not your fathers Islam. They have nukes now and they are working hard to have more nukes. They don’t intend to coexist or trade or “just get along” they intend to kill or enslave everyone not a committed Muslim. This is different. Possibly since the mid 50’s when Arab countries acquired full control of oil and their leaders and countries became fabulously wealthy and strategically powerful they have morphed into an existential threat to the West. Right now in perhaps two dozen or more countries in the world Muslims are in a war to take that country over. In some cases they are ruthlessly killing Christians and converting others to slaves. This is not coincidence; oil money is flowing from oil rich countries to terrorists groups and unlabeled groups who are using the Muslim faith to justify their genocide and terror.

          What is really happening in England is a slow (or medium slow) immigration both legal and illegal to continue to increase the numbers of Muslims until a critical mass is reached and then it will kick into high gear and it will be open warfare. They have weapons both conventional and unconventional. Yes, I am saying that over the last 20 plus years they have been smuggling in arms to Great Britain and stockpiling them to use against the unarmed populace. When this happens it will be sudden and relentless.

          You don’t got this! Rather you don’t know what you don’t know.

          1. I say we don´t Need any lectures.

            You´re wrong they aren´t a they, they are many Groups and anyone who is committed to kill or enslave anyone who isn´t a muslim is not a muslim.

            Since the mid 50´s, that´s not even a century – is spoke of a 1000 Years and many a time when they where rich and powerful, had armies of Warriors lead by great Leaders of reknown.

            And know you ´re telling us we were doomed because there exists three handul of terrorists or´ve the US made them four by now and a Tiny Group of refugees ?

        2. It’s going to take a renewal of Christian Faith in Great Britain to prevail against the Islamification and no-go zones in Great Britain. … Islam has a long history of prevailing conquests over the years.

          China currently uses police state tactics in areas under its control. … Great Britain will NOT turn into a police state under the present English population. … BUT, secular governments do NOT have the >fortitude to prevail against a religious people over a long number of years.

          The Hindus in India have been battling the Muslims inside of India for about 1,000 years now. The country had to be split apart into India and Pakistan. The battles still continue between Hindus and Muslims. Both countries are religious countries.

          In the Crown Jewel collection of the British Monarchy is an ‘Orb’ with a Christian Cross on it. ~ The Orb symbolizes, that the ruler receives authority from God. … There are obligations due God by the ruler:
          1. To spread Christianity around the world, and
          2. To try and make their country a religious Christian Nation.

          The English people may lack enduring faith with subsequent >fortitude, to prevail against Jihad by devout Muslims. = We can’t foresee the future. But, based on other societies, the English people will need a renewal of their Christian Faith [Their long religious heritage].

          >Secular people are rarely willing to fight Jihad for the opportunity to eat a ham sandwich, wear revealing clothing, and to watch porno television.
          The question facing the English today: ‘What are you willing to >die for?”
          Or as Anon says, Will the English = ‘If they just play nice and wait it out they can continue in their safe and happy life. After all why rock the boat.”

          [Me = From what I read about the Yobs in England, quite a few of them would enjoy disciplining their wives with a stick, and tossing petrol bombs plus acid at people, they don’t like. … The activities of Jihad might appeal to the many English Yobs, that are still allowed to vote in elections.]

          1. The teaching of the Bible is from God.

            “He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

            “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
            ~ It is taught that this would refer to good government. The actions by the government should be godly. [Resistance to the government has specific requirements for ‘just’ actions.]

            The ‘orb’ with the Christian Cross is still part of the Crown Jewels. The Queen of England, as head of her Church, would need to be asked whether, ‘Does Her-Authority comes from God’ or did it end hundreds of years ago?

            Religious people would say, ‘The Rules’ about authority would apply to Donald Trump too. … He’s not a King in the Royal Blood understanding, but he’s a ruler, that must answer to God for how he governs.

  2. Unfortunately the Brits have not only gone completely off the trolly, is appears they have gone beyond hope in their thinking. The scary part, listening to the “all great wise ones” supposedly running (ruining) the country, is we here in merka are trying to beat them to the bottom. Thanks JWR (and others) for keeping a ray of hope alive.

  3. A blunt tip with a sharp edge is a slashing weapon, what will they do then? A non-edged butter knife! Still a blunt weapon, a crack on the head with the handle will serve to do damage. Perhaps a soft polymer knob [pommel]? How do you spell Idiocracy? They should make a move about that!!!

  4. From best selling author Terry Brooks:
    In The Stiehl Assassin: “The most successful sorts of invasions, after all, were relatively peaceable ones. First the invader gained a foothold. Then it settled in as a neighbor, intending no harm. Then it began to work at destabilizing the established powers. And finally, it eliminated them, one by one.”

  5. Maybe I’m just old school, but the best way to clear a room is a hand grenade. If there’s more than one room, drop back and use an artillery round. No sense risking your soldier’s lives by clearing houses room by room with SMGs.

    1. How true, it is as if they are trying to teach our soldiers to be policemen, not soldiers. We learned great lessons in WWII in fighting street battles, going door to door, building to building using BARs, Thompson sub-machine guns, and M1-Garands, and the job got done. The tactics are changing in an unusual way which is unsettling.

  6. YouTube LOSES billions because the storage and bandwidth costs exceed what they get back from limited ads, so the Bard’s advice is at best wrong, at worst counterproductive.

    Instead cancel and block Google to the extent practical (add Facebook, etc.) to avoid tracking and use an ad-tracking blocker like privacy badger, uBlock, Ghostery, etc. No ads (anywhere), no revenue. Also the Brave or Dissenter browser.

    Ironically, I can’t comment on his YouTube video without logging into Google. Someone needs to write a “create an ephemeral random name google account” app.

    Beyond that, TBTAR should just cut a check directly to Planned Parenthood and GLAAD since that is what the tracking and monitization on his videos on YouTube result in and eliminate the middleman. I call it Gommoravision. But apparently even Christians rather be there.

  7. Ham operators are a smug bunch. I enjoy telling them, “If I want to talk on a ham radio I will and I don’t need big brother’s permission to send invisible radio waves through the air and I’ll never get my ham operators license and I’m going to talk on my ham radio every day.” And when I tell a ham operators that it gets their little pink panties all in a wad. I love messing with them. But there is no danger of me becoming a licensed ham operator because I can’t think of one single thing on this earth that could be more boring than talking on a ham radio. “So what’re ya doing?” Uh, nothing. What’re you doing?” Uh, still nothing, except talking to you.” “Yeah me too, just talking to you.” So now what’re ya doing?” Uh, still just talking to you.” Yeah me too, uh, uh, just talking to you.” “So what’dya want to do now?” “Let’s just keep talking to each other, this is exciting.” “Yeah, exciting.” So now what’re ya doing?” “Still just talking to you.” “Yeah, me too.” “Exciting.” Oh boy yeah, exciting.” ” Now what’re you doing?” “Still just talking to you.” Ok, I got to go. All this excitement is giving me heart palpitations.” “Yeah me too, heart pal….pal….pal….heart thingies.” “What a night this has been.”
    Right. I really want to get my license and be a part of that bunch.

    1. You are absolutely correct. They are geeks talking to other geeks. Until some social or natural disaster and then they are irreplaceable conduits of information and communication. So let them talk and develop the skills that can save lives and help those in need when disaster strikes. They are part of a team that when needed are indispensable.

  8. As an old bench rest competitor and reloader I think that JWR is correct that barrel replacement will be a problem for the higher velocities. Perhaps chrome moly (expensive) or other newer metallurgys will help but throat erosion will delay the inevitable, but not much.
    I think the military is learning that it is difficult to produce a lethal weapon such as the old M1 Garand without the weight, ammo weight and recoil.

    As a fifty year Amatuer operator I suppose I might be a little smug as I have served my country in uniform and in the civilian sector. Ham radio is a SERVICE organization which provides emergency communications and support services to a great many organizations. We provide over 5000 repeaters most of which are off grid powered for use in emergencies at no cost to the government and civilian population.
    We welcome all to join us and hope that you find something in the hobby that makes you happy. Otherwise good luck to you.

  9. I would suggest getting AA battery packs for all of the handheld radios that you own. I have accumulated a healthy supply of very good condition used Yaesu FT-60Rs and accessories via eBay over time, but I also bought a box of 5 Baofengs for storing away. I bought AA packs for all of my portable radios. A stash of LSD NiMH AA cells and a few chargers round out comms gear.

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