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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”.  Today, we look at YouTube’s Checkmate Move.

YouTube’s Checkmate Move

Back in a March, I warned that we are entering Phase Three of the Internet Censorship War. I’ve now identified the Tech Left’s intended checkmate move in this war: Last week, YouTube announced that they had expanded their definition of “hate speech”. By simply adding the words “immigration status” to their list of prohibited speech, they gave themselves carte blanche to silence, demonetize, and de-platform anyone who advocates having strong borders.

With the 2020 Presidential election approaching, I have no doubt that the other social media giants will emulate YouTube’s policy change.  This is essentially a checkmate move, design to demonize Trump supporters. By doing this, the tech moguls clearly intend to throw the 2020 election. Anyone who opposes the Democrat/socialist agenda is now fair game for censorship. They have now effectively declared war on conservatives and traditionalists. And, since smartphones and social media have become ubiquitous, the tech corporation’s leftist leadership now controls the sociopolitical narrative. Unwittingly, their machinations have also set the stage for a Second Civil War.

In a 2013 essay, I pointed out the importance of defending the English language. (See: Incendiary Words: Of Detonations and Denotations.) By redefining the words “hate speech” to match their political agenda, the Tech Left attempting a political masterstroke. Do not let them succeed. We must develop alternative platforms and methods of correspondence, to counter the Tech Left’s censorship. Reversion to forwarded e-mail chains may very well be our new Committees of Correspondence. May God help us.

Working Satellites With Your H/T

Mike in Alaska suggested this video:  How to work amateur radio satellites with your handheld (HT) radio.

Subsonic Handloads for Mosin-Nagants

SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large, Michael Z. Williamson recommended this article from a handloading experimenter in Finland: How to Handload Subsonic Rifle Cartridges.

JWR’s Safety Proviso: Be VERY cautious in developing your own handloads, especially with substitute powders and/or powder buffers.  And particularly for experimental subsonic loads, BEWARE of “squibs”–where a bullet doesn’t exit the muzzle. Firing a second shot behind a squibbed projectile is very likely to cause catastrophic damage to a rifle. If you ever suspect that you’ve had a squib, then pull the rifle’s bolt out, and take a look down the bore!

Gear By Subscription: Battlbox

Our newest affiliate advertiser is a company in Georgia (USA) called Battlbox. [Update:  Link corrected.] They provide a monthly paid subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive a box of assorted survival and tactical gear. The selections change each month, so it is sort of like having Christmas morning delivered, once a month. Everything that they sell is high quality–no cheesy junk. If you are the “gear and gadgets” type, then I’d definitely recommend that you subscribe. I also recommend that all preparedness-minded grandparents subscribe, so that they will be well-stocked with birthday, Christmas, and Hanukkah presents, for their grand-kids. The Battlbox subscriptions come at four levels ranging from “Basic” ($29.99 + S/H per month) to Pro Plus ($149.99 + S/H per month.)  They also sell individual gift boxes and “collection” boxes in categories like: “Best Sellers”, “Past Missions”, “Med-Kit Gift Box”, “Hunting Gift Box”, and “EDC Gift Box.”  Their warehouse must be a survivalist’s dream locale.

Some Airgun Options

Over at American Partisan: Some Airgun Options For The Survivalist.

China to Rank 1.3 Billion Social Credit Scores

Next, at Zero Hedge: China Issues Guidelines For Ranking 1.3 Billion Social Credit Scores.

California’s Ammo Background Checks are Coming Soon

California Ammo Law Coming in 2019! Get Ready. JWR’s Comment: I recommend that Californians stock up on ammunition heavily, before this draconian law goes into effect!

Lauren Southern’s Farewell Interview

Lauren Southern’s Farewell Interview: “Borderless” and RetirementJWR Adds: I should mention that her peer Brittany Pettibone (a traditional Catholic who lives in The American Redoubt) is also stepping out of the limelight to “leave and cleave” to be with her verlobte. She plans to become a wife and mother in Austria.

Eric Swalwell Reiterates Pledge to Take AR-15s from Law-Abiding Citizens

Eric Swalwell Reiterates Pledge to Take AR-15s from Law-Abiding Citizens. JWR’s Comment:
If Swalwell were asked to personally go and disarm the citizenry, he would undoubtedly show his pusillanimous side. But when he is posturing is pursuit of votes, he sounds oh-so-brave. What he’s really asking is for police officers to become pawns in this chess game. It will be the police who will be physically at risk, in attempting an unconstitutional gun confiscation–not the smarmy politicians like Swalwell, safely behind their desks.

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  1. The US Government will have to implement a program to protect the freedom of speech, on the Internet. … There are a lot of ideas on how to do it; including having Internet companies legally being regulated like a utility. [Like a privately owned bus or trucking company. ~ +Laws are already used to protect political groups and political speech in the USA.]

    The big Internet companies are controlled ostensibly by Democrats, that want to squelch speech by Republicans. … The Democrats label speech they don’t like as ‘hate’ speech and censor it.

    The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is understood to guarantee freedom of speech in certain instances, when it is being restricted by private businesses. … A bus company is not suppose to refuse a customer because they’re a Republican with a Trump sticker on their luggage.

    Constitution 1st Amendment: ‘Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech …’ As said, the right to freedom of speech is a right that extends to private businesses and public places, in ~some instances.

    There was a picture of George Orwell several days ago in SurvivalBlog; mentioning the novel ~1984. When in high school, I had to read Orwell’s book, ‘Animal Farm.’ … The animals in charge added words to the rules.
    …….. Today, it would be ‘hate’ speech added to the 1st Amendment, as in: ‘abridging the freedom of speech’ = unless words we don’t like are used, and we decide to call it ‘hate’ speech. + As we are Democrats in charge of the rules and the ‘public’ forum, >anything said by the Republicans is considered ‘hate’ speech. ~

  2. There are already lots of alternative platforms out there. has jumped th the forefront. However there are lots of Jew haters and pornography there. Just keep your “NSFW” filter enabled and the have a wonderful feature that allows you to “mute” anyone you don’t care to read. The main thing is THEY DON’T CENSOR ANYONE OR ANY IDEAS. PS: They already have several “prepper” groups.

  3. I have to wonder if any political figure with coverage by the main sleaze media will ever come out and point out that people like Eric Swalwell and most of the other Democratic Candidates are actually wanting to be tyrants in the model of Stalin and Mao. They want to rule on Constitutional issues by dictate rather than allowing for the people to decide. Same with the apparent lack of opposition to the Democratic Party movement to do away with the Electoral College. That will allow the Democrats in three or four large metropolitan areas to run over the people in the less populous areas. But are you hearing about this in the media?

  4. Youtube’s checkmate move was appealing to our vanity in the first place, that all might be made famous and adored by other men. Control thereafter was always the plan, as the devil uses our weaknesses toward sin, including vanity, for that very reason. Google, the parent company of Youtube, with its moniker of “Don’t be evil” is laughable. They know not the God of creation. By what measure then and by whom is this evil known and judged? By men, for men? They know not what it is they speak of, as the devil has told them that he doesn’t exist, and they in one accord believe it. Try as they might, a man can only be good by Christ Jesus. As there is a God in heaven who judges all things, whose Spirit can indwell you, teach you, convert you to light that you would know, written on your heart, good and evil, and that you would fear God, having believed that He came to save you in that great and terrible day of the LORD.

    Youtube can’t be fixed. It’s operating as per spec. Do you want to ruin Youtube, and fix your nation? Go tell your neighbors the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s Sunday, are you being “social” among fellow believers? Nothing trashes the devil more than Christians in one accord.

  5. RE: Airguns. Because BBs are steel, BB gun barrels are smooth-bore. They may accept lead pellets, but accuracy suffers. Quality airguns like RWS and Gamo have rifled bores. They are also available in larger calibers like .22 , .30, even .45. Velocity of the larger pellets will be slower in standard spring-piston models. Gas-cylinder guns can reach 1100 fps even in large bores, but these may be less practical in a grid-down world. Some are quite expensive. They can, however, be powerful enough to hunt deer-sized game.

  6. After reading the comments by “Jefferson Davis” it reminded me of the way that the FBI infiltrated the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon where you ended up with more people working for the FBI than protestors.
    My uncle was a government investigator during the McCarthy era and he says that people who voiced opinions like Davis’ were either government agents trying to entrap people or people who were begging to be investigated.
    Be wary of anyone who speaks as he does online.

    1. Good comments by Buck & Mike about “Jefferson Davis” ~ J.D. could be a Judas Goat. … Though, J.D. writes smoothly like a professional writer. … Maybe, J.D. is not a cop or a nutcase; but rather a ‘news reporter’ of some type. …. He could be searching for real people to use in his exposé of the “Prepper/survivalists.” ~ Be wary; he’ll make people look silly and criminal.

      J.D. said, “BB guns are great, silent, and can take out eyes. Crossbows and compound bows are also a favorite for silence.”
      J.D. sounds like a hobgoblin channeling everyone’s mother. ‘BB guns and taking out eyes.’ [Yes, it can happen, but, it happens accidentally. It would be a very difficult intentional shot.]

      J.D. doesn’t know much about this either: “Crossbows and compound bows are also a favorite for silence.” = From what I read on the “Prepper/survivalists” sites, they’re all waiting with ARs, AKs and drum magazines to unload on criminal nutcases trying to assassinate people using a crossbow or a compound bow.

      FIY: It’s against the law to own ARs, AKs, and drum magazines around here. +It’s also against the law to shoot a BB gun, crossbow or compound bow, within the city limits. J.R. with his BB gun and bows will be arrested by the police if shows up around here.

  7. The idea of the internet was to have unbiased info available to everyone, IE: Free Speech. The platforms of Fakebook, Twittle, You Tubey and all the other “Social Platforms”, all seem to have one thing in common, they are private entities operating under the guise of “public” or open platforms while insisting they have the right to regulate speech. Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to have any of their info, especially personal info, open to a public forum. But that’s just me.
    As for all those spouting off about regulating, controlling, restricting, confiscating arms….. Ever wonder just why the current interest and popularity of Long Range shooting has sprung up? Hmmmm. The time is nearing boys & girls….. Bloat and more Bloat, and if you think you have enough to supply all your friends, neighbors, and relatives with an adequate amount…….. you don’t have enough! But that’s just my opinion!

  8. Lauren Southern,

    Who would have thought that a young Canadian,untrained in the way of modern journalism, would be a a thorn in the side of the globalists, deep state, traditional media and liberal progressives.

    Over time, I found myself doing something I don’t normally do for journalists, praying for her continued safety.

    For her efforts, she has been banned from traveling to countries, is of special interest to global security forces due to journalistic “extremism”, banned from social media, and on the opposition research list of many groups.

    Nobody can stay go against political correctness and expect to live very long, remember Breitbart…

    She will probably have to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life, kind of like the protagonists in “Land of Promise”.

    Strength, Health, Prosperity, Life and Godspeed to her…

    I hope that many others will follow her example in reporting the alternate news, while they are young and have the motivation.

    1. Agreed. I appreciate Lauren Southern’s exposes’. And migosh, what a firestorm of hatred is arrayed against factual reporting these days.

      The hate is giving me motivation to get more gardening done and more long term fuel storage. And I still need a battery bank.

      It’s ” getting real”, in this world.

  9. This is the “Real Jefferson Davis” – I’ve given a few comments here before. I saw the original comment above with the same name. Judging from the writing, definitely college educated, so I’m going with “College Educated- News paper reporter” and not Federal Agent. Also, look at the time it was entered, probably from Europe!

    My two cents… Keep prepping onward!

    1. For what it’s worth, not every college educated individual is suspect. I hold a Bachelors degree, as does JWR, and, based upon his previous writings, so does at least one of his children. Education is not the enemy. Indoctrination is.

  10. Having visited Denmark and Europe repeated over the years, and recently in 2015, my recommendation for Americans ,is that is safer for Americans to stay in America. I learn the hard way.
    Although I found a few relatively safer places in Europe, such as mostly self sufficient islands such as Goteburg, or Bornholm, Europe is a small place relative to it’s population. Even as someone who spoke and looked the part, and can ‘fit ‘ in, there is no better place than home. “Home Sweet Home”. It is true. We’ll have it bad here, but it will be worse “over-there”. This is due to the higher population density, and the huge Muslim presents, not to mention the lack of private owner ship of firearms, and tiny pool of like-minded patriots that might be found. And the ideas of freedom are DOA, virtually non resistant in Europe, except for lip-service or vague references to such ideas. Do not be fooled. Europe is socialist. Period. Their will be nationalists who will fight back, but they have little or no concept of liberity, or what freedom could be. And certainly no idea of what is means to be a ‘rugged individualist’. Muslims will dominate with shear numbers and brute force.
    I wish Pettibone the best of luck. Austria is kinda like mountainous Montana in parts, but it has little defense from the rest of Europe. At least learn to speak the lingo like a native. Language bonds persons, families, and nations together like nothing else does. Beware that even if one does speak like a native, understanding a culture is another and more difficult challenge. I leaned to read, write and speak Danish in only 6 months, and can pass as Danish in social settings, but it took years to understand the culture.

    About subsonic reloading.
    The least expensive and safest way to get started experimenting with reloading ‘sub sonics’ in my experience, is using plated flat or round nosed bullets with Trailboss. Plated bullet might cost only .10 cents/round and will be fairly accurate for the purpose. For course, standard bullets will work too, but use flat or round nose if accuracy is unacceptable with what is on hand at the moment. No fuss, no muss. There are many bullets to choose from that will be more accurate, and a plethora of powder recommendations, but as a first step, as an experimenter who wishes to play and learn, this was simple, cheap, safe, and easiest for me. Coupled with an NV sight and commo, and we have a critter gitter.

    Please, no hunting of rabbits…

  11. Critter Gitters, Air Soft, paint ball, pellet and BB guns are a good and cheep alternative to keeping oneself well oiled. Snap shooting is the game when the ‘game’ is up close, and being able to anticipate movement, following through, and doping on the fly, with much practice, will become automatic. My garden is under constant and relentless attack from critters of every conceivable kind, especially, (drum roll…) WABBITS!
    Not all wabbits are the cute and cuddly types, and when in direct competition for food other than what is freely supplied, the garden, verses the copious rabbit food provided daily, war it is! The weapon of choice is nothing exotic or refined, but a cheep’ol daisy got free. 360 rounds for $1.50, can’t beat it. The cocking mechanism serves as a handicap for the wabbits. It becomes a daily opportunity as the wabbits always come back the next day to play again. Ever heard the term, ‘dumb bunny’? They do not seem to care, but they will ravage the garden if not kept away from the garden to explore for weakness in the perimeter….. it is Tunnel Rabbit verses the horde.

  12. Re: YouTube’s Checkmate Move

    Yep, they were surprised at the effective to use of the Internet that thwarted their nefarious attempt to shoe in Hilary. The potency of prodigious pen and prose proved a powerfully pertinent pointy point. The relentless “IMPEACH!” Trump war drum beat is also the rallying cry for their mindless minions. Spun into a frothy fervor, the fiends justify any means goes environment.

    It is difficult for the rational and well mannered to image the depth of depravity they will delve, they will take the Presidency by any means necessary, and at any convenient or contrived opportunity, and not only during or after an election process. Without an ability to solve political differences peacefully, without the possibility to redress grievances, without a First Amendment, we are forced to consider the only remaining and Second choice. Sadly with Trump in, patriots lost their vigilance. In a last attempt to avoid the worst, Trump must move decisively and immediately.

    Pray for Trump an our leaders.

    Tunnel Rabbit is digging in.

  13. Re: Working Satellites With Your H/T

    The example is useful not only for amateurs, but for those who would listen to such transmissions, and for those who would secure their transmission. For those with only MURS frequencies to work with at the moment, there is no limit on the gain that your detachable antenna may have. 2 watts verses 5 watts, there is actually little difference in the field, and if only 2 watts is used, with addition of a high gain directional antenna, the transmission is much more secure, as it becomes difficult for others to hear, or find the transmitter.

    Turn the directional antenna and the receiving antennas, so that they are ‘horizontally’ polarized, and the transmissions are now very difficult to find, unless the intercept occurs near by, and is in the line of sight of the antennas footprint, or between transmitting and receiving antennas. With a powerful 5 element yagi antenna ordered from Arrow Antennas, 2 watts can talk 20 miles to a transmitter that is 1,500 feet above AGL (Average Ground Level). Crystal clear, and perhaps further. For amateurs, a yagi or moxon can greatly extend the range, allowing a hand held to open repeaters that otherwise would be impossible to use. A yagi can be an inexpensive way to appreciably increase the range and increase COMSEC (Comunication Security) when using a hand held. And then there are portable take down yagi’s that fit in a pack available at Ready Made Resources. Talk to good ‘ol Bob there about that. Good for all occasions, and especially for when on the run. If on a tight budget, I might get a 5 element yagi before I bot ( yes, “bot”.) a mobile, if a mobile was not necessary to talk to family and friends. A yagi can also be used to hear weak signals, or other hand held radios in your area that otherwise could not be heard and talked to. Or just to plain hear’em coming… Double plus good stuff. If you can hear them it would be best to find them with that yagi, and you could get a rough bearing. But now we’re getting to Signals Intelligence, another topic.

    When it comes to COMSEC, low power is your friend, and directional antennas could save the day. A Yagi, or directional antennas in general, are a must have tool if you ain’t no fool.

    T. Rabbit

    BTW, I should give an example of the extreme range in this mountainous area of Montana when using a 5 watt hand held and a yagi. It is possible to open with boring regularity, both the Cranbrook, Canada, and Kellogg, Idaho repeaters, each appropriately 100 to 150 miles from this station.

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