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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The public Schools continue their morphing into communist indoctrination centers.


Today is the mid-term voting across the nation. Get out and vote! Reader DSV sent in this statement from The Truth About Guns blog that should send a shiver down your spine:

“The momentum is with us, the NRA is on its heels and we think that it’s an opportunity to keep redrawing the map.” – John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety in Suburban Democrats Like Jason Crow Campaign on Gun Control Policies

Crazy is as Crazy Does

SurvivalBlog reader H.L. sent in this excellent essay on the current political atmosphere. Donald Trump as President, a nation so divided against itself that civil discourse is all but impossible, a Democratic presidential candidate that first accused Trump of refusing to accept defeat, but two years later, still can’t accept her own. These are just some of the crazy things that have happened. The author links our current atmosphere to that of King James I and the gunpowder plot. The people are so fed up with the shenanigans coming out of Washington that they rose up two years ago and spoke loudly. Do they have the fortitude to see what they started through to the end?

The Fourth Turning

Reader P. sent in this article from The Burning Platform. The author continues his coverage of the Fourth Turning in America. As the dirty political war continues through this election day, the reality is that no matter the outcome of the election, there will likely be no winner. Either result is likely to deepen the anger, hate, violence and turmoil which has already been elevated to levels portending civil chaos, if not civil war.

Based upon the last two years of cold conflict, it would seem that the the only assurance we have is self destruction. if the left wins, any change in Washington will be stymied and a Bored Trump, unable to accomplish his goals is likely to venture into areas of compromise that will only make matters worse. If the left looses, they have promised to keep throwing their childish temper-tantrum making almost all cities places of urban crises.

Social Media

A message from JWR:

As most folks know, I’ve shunned most social media, from the beginning. I’ve been disgusted by the large volume of neo-Nazi and generally antisemitic and anti-Christian posts at both Bitchute and and Following some advice from Kit Perez, I just set up an account at I’m hopeful that this will work out.

Public Schools

It’s been about 9 years since the states were lured into adopting Common Core in the usual Obama/progressive/leftist method – sight unseen. And, just like the promise of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” it turns out this one was a whopper too. What have we accomplished in the nearly 10 years? Test scores are down despite the schools shifting focus and teaching mostly to the test rather than passing on useful knowledge. The schools are now full-fledged indoctrination/re-education centers for the progressive/left.

The ACT, long one of America’s standard entry tests (along with the SAT) show students’ math achievements are at a 20 year low. SAT scores only improved after a new version of the test tailored to Common Core was released. What do we get for these loses? Even kids of solidly conservative parents have hard left leanings towards most political subjects. Get your kids out while you can!

Waxed Food

Valley Food Storage has an introductory article on waxing certain foods for long term storage. Not all foods will respond well to this treatment, but those that do will give you excellent results. This article walks the new prepper through the process of selecting the right cheese for waxing and mentions the old fashioned method of preserving jams and jellies. After reading this, you may want to research some of these methods yourself and give it a try. I personally like hard, strong flavored cheeses and these respond well to waxing.


The new Classified Ads section of SurvivalBlog is doing well. I’m seeing lots of new listings and seeing many of those listings moving. As I perused the classified ads today, I noticed a couple of really nice things for sale this last week:

You really should check this section of the blog out.

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  1. Down here in Mississippi, Liberty loving patriots have been fighting in the trenches for months to elect a couple of candidates, one being Chris McDaniel to us senate. Y’all, if Chris McDaniel wins, either today or in 3 weeks at the runoff, heads will roll nationwide. This is one to watch. There is huge momentum on the ground. Just as with Trump’s election, the polls are mostly showing him behind. But better analysis of different sectors show McDaniel is in the lead. This will be interesting. We are sending poll watchers out to certain precincts.

  2. So I should vote for the party of Donald “Take the guns first, go through due process second” Trump? Has the NRA objected in any way to the 16 states that have passed Red Flag laws since Trump said this? Can anybody give some objective analysis with facts about which party doesn’t want to take my guns?

    Voting? Nah.

    1. I hate voting for the lesser of two evils, but not voting is allowing the greater evil to win by default. It’s not like you can claim “you have no jurisdiction over me because I didn’t vote!” or anything like that.

      1. Ok, which then, which one is the lesser? And again, objective facts please. Not trying to be a jerk. I’ve spoken with each of the R candidates both federal and state for my district and none of them has the least bit of interest in my freedom, duties, or rights. Why would I vote for the Bump Stock Ban party so that this Extra-Constitutional procedure can get fully instantiated into “law” setting the precedent by which any thing can be banned by the ATF? I didn’t waste my time seeking out the D candidates as they are unabashed commies. I’d rather they not see me coming.

        Did you talk to your candidates, face to face? Did you see the evil oozing off of them? You should try it but get some serious prayer time in first. Yuk. I did vote in the Primaries and I do vote, when I have a reason. Thanks.

        1. @Fred,

          “Why would I vote for the Bump Stock Ban party…”

          Have you looked at the alternative? I bet it’s more than just a bump-stock at risk there. Here is a reasoned approach. Notice that the “not voting” part is absent because when you don’t vote, you have to just deal with whatever comes your way. You can’t whine or complain about the current party in power that wants to xxxxx.

          1) As you noted, the primaries are the time to get involved in your party’s particular candidates. If the candidates are not quality candidates, that is the time to weed them out. If they are not up to your standards, are you willing to campaign for one that is? But once that primary is over, the decision is made.

          2) On the final election, you have to look at varying levels. Look at ALL the candidates. I don’t know what your candidates look like, but here, the difference is appalling. I’m not a republican or a democrat, but those are my two choices. When I look at the candidates responses to questions, it’s easy to pick. If you are only looking at one side, your not seeing the whole picture. In your case, you’ve stated that you won’t vote for the R because of the bump-stock issue, but I bet if you look at the D candidate, you’ll find that they want a whole lot more than just a bump-stock. By not voting, you risk much, much more than this one thing. If the D candidate gets in, you will loose not only the bump-stock, but the standard capacity magazine, a good selection of rifles and probably a bunch more.

          3) If all of the candidates stink equally on all issues that are important to you, you have to look at the party platforms. Political parties can and do exert tremendous pressure on their members. Just a quick look at the past voting record shows that. Most critical votes run right down party lines. What does your chosen political party stand for on the issue that is important to you?

          4) If all else fails and none of the parties or candidates represented can offer what you want or need, then throw your vote after a third party or a write-in candidate – but at least vote. At the very least you send a message to put forth better candidates next time.

          By not voting, you basically abdicate your responsibility in voicing your ideals. That’s no better than the millennials who don’t vote because they just aren’t interested.

          1. Here there is basically one party,the R supposed candidate didn’t even show up(had to look him up and he spent $0 on a campaign-FEC filing). Most positions had no challenger,have voted 3rd party trying to get them over the threshold for recognition for years. The ONLY reason to vote is Judicial Retention 60% or better to keep on the bench,vote them all away and crash the system. Voter nullification before Jury nullification.

        2. If you equate banning bump stocks with banning AR-15s and handguns there is no hope for you.
          If you empower the Democrats over the Republicans, and even cucky republicans tend to vote with their party when it is needed, you will get what you deserve.
          Merely being opposition to the party of Molech that has murdered 60 million, even if imperfectly, is a far less evil than shrugging and letting the death party win.

    2. “The enemy of the good is the perfect.” Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House. How does that sound? There will always be people who see the glass has half-empty, rather than half-full. Don’t be one of them.

  3. Yes Pres Trump said that, He was referring to wack jobs like Cruz, until Congress and the SCOTUS act on just what The Second Amendment actually mean Gun Free Zones will give these wackos a safe working environment. A National Concealed Carry Law would go a long way in stopping this kind of violence. As for the NRA , yes I agree they roll over way to often because the anti gunners WILL NEVER compromise and neither should we, BUT that said the NRA is the best chance we have. There are 100 million gun owners in America and 5 million NRA members, can you imagine the power the NRA would have in Wash DC if they spoke for 100 million members. I’m a life member, why aren’t you at least a member???

  4. Re: the election

    Regardless of the outcome from tomorrow’s election, the violence from the Left will continue to escalate. They want Trump removed. And either way so-called conservatives identifying as Republicans will fail to see who the real enemy of Liberty, the party they sleep with.

  5. On common core, do not forget two of the biggest proponents were so called conservatives, Jeb Bush and Bill Bennett. It was the reason I stopped listening to Bennett’s morning radio show. It wasn’t all the wretched Obama administration.

  6. Vietvet thank you. You have it right. One hundred million NRA members. No one could stop that many voters. It is not just being a member of NRA. If you know which end of the gun to point down range you should try to educate those who are teachable.

    Membership in NRA is just part of the equation. You should also be a member of GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, JPFO to name a few. Before you say it costs too much, do you smoke, drink booze, get a coffee at Starbucks? Every weekend people tell me , “They’ll take it from my cold dead hands” If you want to go that way THEY WILL! My life is worth more than that. Believe me I have put my money where my mouth is. Life member for all the above. I want to influence using the soap box, and the ballot box, NOT the cartridge box.

    You can go to a gun show and become a member for very little cost:
    Associate $10 no hat no magazine.
    1 year member $30, 3 year $85, 5 year $100, life one time payment $600 through at least December 31, 2018, youth (birth to 18) $15, 65 years old and over and disabled military get life for $500 and they can pay it in $30 installments every three months. All get a free hat and free monthly magazine.

    We need men, women, children. Wives, do not say “He is a member, I do not need to be one”. Do not say my child is too young. They can join at one day old. Every member counts!!!!

    If you sign up on line or on the phone the costs are more. The gun show recruiter will give you the best deal on a consistent basis. All gun show recruiters are volunteers. We have day jobs so please do not blame the recruiter for all of your complaints about the NRA. We do this for the cause, not to be groused at. Please do not let your disappointment with what the NRA did 50 years ago prevent you from joining today. Stop pouting! Get over it, you are not snowflakes.

    I never want my children to ask what I was doing while we were losing our liberties. My children will never be disappointed with how I spent my free time. Can you make the same claim? I love you all. Please get with the program. I can not do it by myself. Our country needs all of you.

  7. Common Core was an example of the new way of using the Federalist aspects of American government to get non-democratic — i.e dictatorial — edicts into the states. Common Core “State” Standards were never voted on by ANYONE in ANY legislature. They were approved by the National Governor’s Association, after being promoted by a partnership between the Department of Education, the international curriculum publisher, Pearson, and Microsoft, who handled the databasing systems. State school boards, like the one in Illinois, had/have “liaisons” assigned to “P20” which is the tracking systems for children from age 3 to age 20 (first two years of college). So we need to start putting a microscope on the governors who apparently think they are beyond the representative form of government.

  8. Freezoxee has its settings to spam your email with every kind of notification by default, expose all your information to everyone by default, and when I asked how to shut it off I was told by one of the fellow users to log off and never return.

    I’ve been on Gab shortly since its inception and first, it doesn’t try to spam or privacy rape me, it won’t censor me, and I’ve never been treated as bad on Gab since I was there as I’ve already been treated on FreeZoxee.

    Exactly why is FreeZoxee better than Gab?

  9. Another thing is FreeZoxee is asking for my location. Why? If I want to destroy my OPSEC I would use Facebook. If i wanted privacy rape defaults I would use Facebook. If I wanted to get lots of email spam notifications (until I shut them all off) I could use Facebook or Twitter. If I wanted to have nasty replies, I could use Twitter.

  10. WARNIING – NSFW, vulgar and profane, but Freezoxee apprently has a snowflake as the main tech partner.

    You need to watch to the end for all the details, and this is part 2 but includes full context

    Ask a questiton, get banned. Then try to patch things, get screeched at…

    In the video he says Dan needs to grow up. I agree. But he is running half of FZ.

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