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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. The clash of cultures with immigrants continues to be an issue. See the “Immigrant Issues” section below.

Dangerous Cities

What are the most dangerous cities in the world? 247Wallst did a little research and rated them for you. Their criteria was basically the homicide rate per 100,000 population. As expected, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil and Mexico fill the list. However, the United States also has a couple of spots. At 26 on the list is Baltimore with 51.1 Homicides per 100,000 and St Louis is number 14 with 60.4 homicides per 100,000. Conspicuously missing was Chicago.

Loaded for Bear…Literally

After reading about JWR’s family encounter with the bear, Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Product Review Editor sent in this link for a bear load in .45ACP. It penetrates deeply, doesn’t deform or fragment and it gets the job done. Buffalo Bore is a good company too. They keep Pat supplied in Ammo for those firearm product reviews. By the way, Pat says he is up and walking around almost normal. He sends his thanks to all those who have been praying for his recovery!

Inability to Think Through Consequences

In an action nearly worthy of the “Here…hold my beer” contest, A Springfield, Oregon woman was arrested and charged with multiple counts of reckless endangerment for towing her children behind her car in a plastic wagon during rush hour traffic. The woman claims she was just showing her 2, 4 and 8 year-old children a good time and was only driving 5 MPH. Witnesses claim she was going closer to 30. Hey, it looks like fun, what could possibly go wrong! Thanks to reader W.W. for the link.

Immigrant Issues

The clash of cultures continues. Pennsylvanian residents are protesting Romanian immigrants because they are defecating and killing chickens in public. The men and children apparently have no issues in dropping their pants and defecating in the street, then pulling their britches up and continuing on. The appropriate response would be to educate the immigrants in the proper cultural etiquette. The government response is to mandate the participation of the town residents in a program about the immigrant’s culture. Thanks to W.W. for the link.

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It gets even weirder than that though. Across the country, A Seattle councilman, Larry Gossett, suggests that it’s racist to wash the excrement off the sidewalks. The preferred plan is to use power sprayers to flush the feces from the sidewalks and clean them of the smell. Gossett claims that is too reminiscent of civil rights activists being hosed down.

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Multiple Blood Sucking Parasites Politics

Reader H.L. sent in this article that ranks the least liked and most like senators. There are no real surprises on the top five least liked senators. However, the list of most popular Senators holds some disturbing entries. The liberal-progressive pair from Hawaii (Senator Brian Schatz and Senator Mazie Hirono) hold the number 2 and 3 positions respectively with better than a 67% approval rating. The number one position is occupied by the self-described socialist Senator Bernie Sanders with a whopping 75% approval rating. This, despite the South American debacles of Argentina and Venezuela. It does make you wonder about this next generation of voters.

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Nevada governor, Brian Sandoval, has declared a state of emergency because the state is running low on marijuana. Yes, you read that right. The governor declared the state of emergency to allow state officials to decide on new rules that will allow liquor wholesalers to cash in on marijuana sales. Nevada legalized the sale of recreational marijuana in November and now distributors can’t meet the demand – but a state of emergency? I’m struggling to find the words to describe this insanity!


  1. Nevada’s “state of emergency” is all about the $60 million in potential tax revenue that may be lost. The state of emergency allows legislators to bypass some of the legalization law’s provisos. Fast-track approval of new distributors, ability to use “emergency” approved non-alcohol distributor channels to supply retailers. But “state of emergency”? I think not. Follow the money.

  2. Man, now I’ve read about some really bone headed moves, #1, it’s racist to wash poop off of the sidewalk and #2, a state of emergency because the mary jane is running low or short supply. geez

  3. “homicide rate” is based on statistical ratios – thought someone writing for a [Edited] column would know that …. Chicago’s homicide rate doesn’t rank for the major US cities – how’s it going to make a worldwide list?
    [Edited – Please read the Discussion Guidelines as requested before you enter a comment.]

    1. @Illini,
      If you read the column entry carefully, you’ll notice that I very clearly stated it was based upon the statistics. What I was referring to by stating “Conspicuously missing” is the media attention that Chicago gets vs what Boston or St. Louis gets.


    After reading about the immigrant issues I wondered if my area had any “Sanctuary Cities” close by. The link given is for an inter active, up to date map showing Cities, Counties, and States listed as sanctuary.

    In our town there is a law prohibiting spitting on a public sidewalk. I wonder what would happen to someone trying to cop-a-squat on the public side walk here.

  5. 1) Violence is severely localized within the USA. There are some places with high rates of gun ownership that get maybe 1 homicide per 100,000 once every 5 years and zero in the other 4.
    2) But there are other areas which have higher rates than Baltimore or St Louis. Speaking of large cities understates the murder rate because high rates in some sections get greatly diluted by much lower rates in the suburbs etc.

    Small independent towns/cities give a better picture– Camden NJ, Chester PA, etc have murder rates far higher than Philadelphia as a whole.

    And there are some rural areas that have a high rate per 100,000 but it does not get attention because they are far from the giant news monopolies in NYC , Washington,etc.

    3) NeighborhoodScout has a much more informative list:

    4) The most precise measure is by census tract — group of 4000 people. Here is Neighborhood Scout’s list of most violent neighborhoods:

    NOTE that the stats are per 1000 people , not per 100,000. To get per 100,000, you move decimal point two places to right.

  6. Border Patrol Agents brought the Roma situation up to Customs and Border Protection Officials for many years and were ignored. The are called
    “Roma” because they are ethnic gypsies hailing from Romania where they pull the same hijinks there as they do here. Romas who enter the U.S. did so under “credible fear” where all they had to say is they were afraid to return to Romania for whatever reason (violence, discrimination, etc). The U.S. actually completed the smuggling process by letting them in. These Romas, in addition to defecating in the street are known pickpockets and also have an affinity for identity theft. We did it to ourselves.

  7. i contacted chris collins congressman for my part of ny and told him giving congressman full carry privileges before restoring our 2nd amendment rights was a slap in the face. congressmen can carry unrestricted when we all can . he responded he was sorry our political opinions differed , but thanks. if no change i will not vote for him again. politicians more important than us apparently.

  8. The immigrant problem is much more easily fixed. Send them back. And don’t invite more.
    First, you can help a dozen “over there” in a camp outside the war zone for the cost of bringing one here.
    Second, they can do their quaint practices in the camps away from anyone.
    Cholera? Typhus? … Immigrants are a bioweapon, some even have XDR TB, costing hundreds of thousands to treat. I can’t afford basic healthcare, but refugees, some who hate America, at least my America, get everything free.

    As to the homeless, are porta-potties that expensive? Ah, the homeless might spend cold nights inside or something. There was an experiment in NYC that sort of worked, an initial free pilot run of kiosk like toilets from a european company that would open after a few minutes so you couldn’t use them as shelter. But, they weren’t ADA compliant, some art and aesthetics board didn’t like how they looked, and the rest of the regulations drove them away.

    I knew Socialism was a S**tty system, but I didn’t mean it literally.

    Like Denver defecation:

    Maybe that is why fans are on pedestals so the S*** won’t hit it.

    I left that lala land and am now in the Redoubt, but look back at the … I can’t even call it insanity or psychosis because that would be an insult to the mentally ill. Even crazy people don’t do such things.

    Staying in such places is like a Jew staying in Berlin in 1936 after krystallnacht pretending they could prove they were “good jews”.

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