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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Israel continues to be hammered by terrorist rockets from Gaza.

Getting You Through the Storm

The Biblio Blog has a list for you. Whether you are prepping for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, economic crises or any other man-made or natural disaster, they have a list of books for you. This list is their top ten recommendations that should be on every persons book shelf. Some of the books, we are very familiar with and others not so much, but they all look good. I especially like the last book that they recommend. That one is truly indispensable.

Gun Control Proposals

Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Field Gear Editor, sent in this article on six different ways that Nancy Pelosi plans to take away your firearms freedoms. Should democrats gain control of the House in this coming election, she will most certainly be the Speaker of the House. The Washington Times has reported that Nancy believes it is more important to secure more gun control than it is to win future elections and is fully prepared to put her career at risk to pursue this agenda. This article lists six specific proposals that she has mentioned that she will go after. These include the standard “Assault Weapons” ban and “Universal Background Checks” as well as a few others like gun confiscation laws and dropping the Hearing Protection Act.

Israel Under Fire

The Israeli Security Cabinet is considering military action in the Gaza strip as the Palestinians ratchet up their terrorist attacks. The latest were some rocket launches against Israel, one destroying a Beersheba house, the other landing in the sea. The defense establishment does not want an escalation of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, but the attacks are continuing relentlessly. These attacks come right in the middle of Egypts attempts to broker an understanding and restore calm in the area. While Hamas is attempting to distance itself from the attacks, they (and the Islamic Jihad) are the only parties known to have these types of rockets. For those who still think Israel is the aggressor, just imagine our response if Mexico or Canada were launching these types of missile attacks into the U.S.

Update: it would appear that Israeli jets have struck Gaza in retaliation.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Democrats certainly don’t have a lock on lying to their constituents, but this voting cycle, they sure have been bold in their attempts. Reader RLH sent in this article from Project Veritas that caught Senator McCaskill red handed hiding her true agenda about gun control. She and her aids expressed fear that if her true position got out that it would severely hurt her chances to get elected. Well, now it’s out there. Well see how the residents of Missouri respond in just a couple of weeks.


Reader G.P. reports that a massive power outage has left roughly half of Venezuela without electricity. The blackout started Monday evening with an explosion at a power station. It’s a stark realization of the destructive power of socialism to realize that Venezuela was once among Latin America’s most developed countries. Now they are in the grip of a historic crises, lacking basics like food, medicine and power after only two decades of socialist rule. Remember that fact in November when you vote.

Drug Resistant Salmonella

The CDC is reporting outbreaks of drug resistant salmonella in 29 states now. At least 92 people have been infected with this strain that is resistant to the normal antibiotics. Twenty one of those people have been hospitalized, but there have been no deaths reported. The Department of Agriculture is attempting to identify the source or supplier of the chicken containing the salmonella. So far, this strain has been found in whole chickens, chicken parts, ground chicken and in pet food purchased at grocery stores. It has also been found in live chickens. Those who have been sickened reported eating a variety of brands of chicken products. Thanks to reader DSV for the link.

Untraceable Guns?

The fear mongering among gun control enthusiasts on the untraceability of 3D printed guns has bordered on hysteria. We won’t mention the fact that most of those who push that agenda actually have no idea what a 3D printed gun is or the cost involved in producing one. Nor will we get into the fact that U.S. citizens have long had the ability to manufacture small arms in their own garage for their own use which also have no serial numbers. But it turns out that weapons printed on 3D printers can be traced unlike those that are made on traditional tooling. Printers have a unique signature and experts in this study sent in by reader H.L. had a success rate of over 99% in identifying the printer that made the sample weapons tested.

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  1. There go the democrats again showing their true communistic wants by trying to take away our last defense against a government that would certainly kill off a number of citizens who would not let themselves be subjegated by a morally corrupt government.

    1. Patriots: Know thy enemy! Democrats are the enemy we know. Republicans are the enemy we sleep with.

      It was the Republicans’ Patriot Act/NDAA that destroyed our legal recourse of habeas corpus, the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge trial or attorney, a standing army (DHS), execution of US citizens by government on accusation alone without due process, warrantless spying on American citizens, legalizing illegal aliens, the surveillance state, the security state, the police state.

      We clearly have ‘a design to reduce us to absolute Despotism’. Anyone who thinks that Republicans are any better than Democrats truly does not understand the forces that are enslaving them.

  2. Think about the words above (Venezuela) when investing in or planing to retreat to a “seemingly” peaceful and developed country where you and your family are the rich foreigner.
    It would almost seem like burying your cache in the city, in a sketchy neighborhood – with the hope that those there would accept you for investing in their future…

  3. The country would be a far more pleasant place if ol’ Nancy would finally strike out…..Of course I’m sure another Communist/Dictator Senator from CA would step right into her place.

    1. The question is why Ms.Pelosi has not been prosecuted for her many crimes stretching back to the Clintons? Why are politicians allowed to get away with what you or I would do long time for?

  4. Washington State I1639 on the ballot right now define an assault rifle as;
    “”Semiautomatic assault rifle” means any rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a cartridge to extract the fired cartridge and chamber the next round, and requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge.”
    I1639 does not ban the Ruger 10/22 or Marlin 60 along with dozens of other common semiautomatic rifles. I1639 definitely infringes on our right to purchase of and probably to own any semiautomatic rifle.
    This definition is a deliberate attempt to expand gun control parameters and will most likely be the language used in any ban.

    This is just one of several infringments looking to be made law by the liberal biomass called Seattle Tacoma. I1639 is 30 pages of this kind of bleeding heart garbage.
    They will not wear us down, they will not win the war even if they win this battle.
    If you live in Washington VOTE NO on I1639! Tell everyone you know how dishonest this thing is.

    1. Don’t get your panties in a wad. The guvmit can spill all the ink on all the paper they want in passing their idiotic “laws”, enforcement is another matter entirely. Just ask the New Yawkers.

      1. Gman, in a conventional war, winning every battle is the pathway to victory.

        In an insurgency, you can win every battle, and still lose the political war when the folks back home get tired of their sons coming home in body bags.

    2. Lee, sadly we in Washington are controlled by the vote from King, Pierce, and Thurston County. Those three carry the political clout and vote numbers of the State. Perhaps Washingtonians should propose an electoral college vote for State issues with one E. College vote per County?

  5. Gun control, how many have not been buying ammunition and reloading supplies because they are well stocked on the store shelves? A Democrat controlled house could very well set off another stampede resulting in none to be found. Inventory your stock and fill those holes now.

  6. “Nancy believes it is more important to secure more gun control than it is to win future elections”

    elections? where they’re going they don’t NEED elections.

  7. With all the hate and dissent bandied about by the libtards, as has been the case for 20 yrs, if they are so set against the American Christian way of life, Constitution, capitalist based economy and culture, why don’t they just cut to the chase and move to another country where they can have everything just hunky dory in white bread utopia land under their chosen socialist system where the state is supreme. I hear Libya is nice this time of year, and their gov needs some work. A match!

    Here’s an asset worth reading on gun control, as well as John R. Lotts books.

    1. Asking the question of “why don’t they move to another country” demonstrates that you don’t understand the nature of your enemy.

      The reason they don’t move to another country is because they want to control you here and if they can’t control you here they will kill you here.

      This is not a fight for “muh constitution” or “muh way of life” or “muh democracy (mob rule)” this is a fight for our very existence as free individuals. It is not about guns, or what gang of criminals has been voted into control of the government. The fight is much larger than that. Don’t get bogged down in all of that.

      Do not underestimate the enemy, both of them.

  8. 3D prints can be traced to the printer, but that would be after the fact, and since much would be plastic it could easily be melted (the printer works by melting plastic).

    The thing is without a serial number, it won’t be easy to just call up the manufacturer and trace it that way.

    Beyond that, there are makerspaces and other places, so investigators could tie a gun to a particular 3D printer – if they can find it or have access to it. If there are no records and everyone in an area has a 3D printer, you can’t just subpoena in some kind of sweep.

  9. Comment on “Drug Resistant” microbes in chicken. We ALWAYS soak our store bought chicken in a solution of food grade hydogen peroxide. We buy 35% and dilute it down to 10%. Use a 1/4 cup in a pan of water and soak your chicken …it will not have any bacteria remaining. 100% safe if used properly. That same recipe goes into spray bottles and we frequently spray sink areas, counter tops and any kitchen area we think needs to be disinfected. You can read up on H2O2 but it should be a part of every prepper houshold as a useful oxidant and safe dissinfectant. A little goes a long way.

  10. I hope I am wrong. I would get weapons and ammunition while you can, Yes, I am probably speaking to the choir. I get a bad vibe about Democrats coming into power and the whole evil black gun and green bullet stuff coming back. AR-15,s are cheap right now and ammo is plentiful. Think back a few years.

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