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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on a proposed Year-Round Daylight Savings Time for Wyoming. (See the Wyoming section.)


You may have missed this CBC News report from two years back:  American Redoubt

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Spokane developer Ron Wells accused of insurance fraud



Investigation of trooper involved shooting is still going

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Weapons at school. Livestreaming arrests. These Idaho bounty hunters’ questionable practices (still) aren’t regulated.



Business leaders consider potential impact of sales tax in Montana

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Huge cargo plane touches down in Billings



Eastern Oregon

Distrust, lack of facts threaten proposed Deschutes River bridge, report says

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Strong Winds Blow Over Semi-Truck, Force Closure of Interstate 84


Eastern Washington

Spokane Valley not voting on plan to split Washington state

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Spokane real estate driven by tech with a personal touch


Wyoming (Year-Round Daylight Savings Time)

Daylight Saving Time Bill To Be Considered by Wyoming Lawmakers. Here is a quote:  “A bill that could eventually lead to Wyoming staying on daylight saving time all year has been filed for consideration in the 2019 session of the Wyoming Legislature. House Bill 14 has been filed by Park County Republican Representative Dan Laursen. It would mandate that if at least three states around Wyoming were to decide to go to mountain daylight saving time year-round, Wyoming would ask the U.S. Secretary of Transportation for permission to eliminate the annual time changes and remain on daylight saving time year-round.

Several bills to eliminate the annual time changes in Wyoming have failed in past sessions of the Wyoming legislature. Supporters of such legislation say the time changes disrupt people’s sleep patterns and lead to increased accidents for no valid reason. Opponents say the time changes are a tradition that people have gotten used to and that they ‘help farmers.'”

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Most agree: Tetons’ mountain goats must go — Fast action needed to prevent collapse of bighorn sheep numbers due to disease, biologists warn.



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  1. Wyoming would have to ask the federal government for permission to remain on daylight saving time? And government-indoctrinated Americans still believe Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression was about slavery.

  2. RE sales tax in Montana..

    No Thanks.

    Perhaps tourists from other states and countries are used to paying a sales tax. I was, I left that state. A tax would kill auto and truck sales along with farm equipment..People come to buy those things here to avoid paying their state sales tax. I don’t know if tax is collected in their state after transfer.. My employer sells many vehicles to out of state buyers.

    being Montana , wages are already suppressed enough. I don’t need to pay any more taxes than I already do

  3. Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings Time, and life is much easier if we all did. Pick a time and stick with it! No one could convince me of the value in it.

    Just get up earlier!


  4. Regarding Daylight savings time, how about we just split the difference and move the clocks 30 minutes. Then, your half way between DST and Standard time and you NEVER move the clocks again!

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