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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. This week we have an update on the Liberty State Movement in eastern Washington. This column’s featured photo is an old stereo view of Spokane Falls.  The emphasis this week is on the Liberty State Movement. (See the Eastern Washington section.)



Is the American Redoubt having a political impact?

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The Bakken Is Back. JWR Adds: When most people hear the words “Bakken region”, only North Dakota comes to mind. But in fact the Bakken oil development region extends into adjoining Montana–part of The American Redoubt.



Finally, a token measure of justice! Adams County pays $2.6 million to slain Idaho rancher’s family. (Thanks to SurvivalBlog reader Jon C. for sending us this link.)

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House passes anti-Sharia law bill, 44-24

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Ivanka Trump praises the ‘laboratories of innovation’ like Idaho during school visit

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Attorney for Teen that was Shot by Bannock County Sheriff’s Deputy Speaks Out



Where the jobs are: Mapping Montana’s economic landscape

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Alex Barron: Montana Election Review 2018



Eastern Oregon

Deschutes County hears pitch for homes west of Bend

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Redmond City Council OKs more airport parking


Eastern Washington (Liberty State Movement)

Washington divided? Support for formation of 51st state appears to be gaining momentum in 2018

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Matt Shea’s Liberty State campaign: “Stage II” begins January 2019

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Ellensburg Blue Agate:  A rare stone that’s only found in one Eastern Washington town



Man caught pushing pot along Wyoming highway. (Literally.)

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Trial unlikely in UW gun ban lawsuit

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Man dies after fire set in camper


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  1. I have started this reply several times. I live in Washington, west of the Cascades.
    It is a mess.
    I thought that if for some unknown reason the state of Liberty does not come to pass an alternative might be to move the western border of Idaho to take in eastern Washington and Oregon.
    A powerhouse state the size of Montana would be created. I also know that the citizens of the great state of Idaho might not feel a need to grow. The cork sniffers in Seattle might agree to keep Walla Walla.
    I could see Congress turning down the petition on the grounds they cannot figure out how to add a star to the flag. You know, cloth needle and thread.

    1. Lee, not to disagree with your last two sentences but the members of Congress would know ahead of time they were going to create a 51st state. They would run out and buy stock in flag making companies and laugh all the way to the bank. Why else would someone spend millions (other people’s money of course) to get to Washington to earn $200,000 a year, then retire as millionaires themselves with contacts at or positions in big dollar government contractors. Follow the money.
      I’m hoping for “The State of Liberty”.
      People should study their history. Back when the Congress was started many of the Congressmen didn’t even run for the position. They were selected by their constituents and found it their duty to accept. They just wanted to go to Washington, do the business, and get back to their own endeavors. Now it’s a money making career. Another interesting fact is most Congressmen back then were lawyers just like today. The difference is that back then lawyers were pretty much the only folks that were literate. Today a politician lawyer is more like a lawyer that wasn’t that good at lawyering.

    2. I don’t mean to come across as a negative Nancy here, I really do not. But those who believe that there will be a 51st state barring some major Balkanization event are delusional. Does ANYONE here truly believe that Dems in either House are going to agree to admit a state that virtually guarantees 2 more Republican senators, and 3-4 republican congressmen? Vote all you want, create all the websites you can, pontificate on all the internet chat rooms you can find, and pass out flyers to your hearts content. It’s not happening.

    3. @Lee I share your sentiment but not your vision of reality.

      Why do liberty-loving Americans cling to the group-think delusion that we can use an evil system to fix evil?

      Hope for our children living free lies in New Republics with New Borders. That is reality.
      Let God deal with Washington. We need to walk away from Sodom. If we are forced to fight, we fight in our time.

  2. Re: Anti Sharia:

    Incredible that this could even be an issue. This primitive, monstrous, 7th century barbarism has no place in any civilized society, let alone the culture of the United State of America.

    When you come to this country to petition immigration, you come with your hat in your hand, humble, unassuming and grateful for the opportunity to offer something that may make you worthy to assume a place in this population. You leave everything behind, pledge allegiance to and subjugate yourself to OUR ways, OUR laws, OUR values. Otherwise stay home. There is no place for your contempt here.

    You can’t pick and choose your loyalties.

    At least with this story we have a convenient list of the political morons and traitors who need to be jettisoned in the next elections. Let them be here put on notice.

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