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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on American Redoubt coffee roasters. Many of these companies also do mailorder/Internet sales of their beans and ground coffee. I know that a lot of SurvivalBlog readers order their coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Company in Tennessee. But those of us who live here in the Redoubt can now support local businesses. And I have a suggestion that I’ll throw out there, gratis:  A good marketing angle for someone establishing a new coffee roasting company, or re-naming one, would be to name it “American Redoubt Coffee Company.” By doing so, they would be sure to garner a lot of extra mailorder sales!


Idaho (Coffee Roasters)

Evans Brothers, in Sandpoint roasts a variety of coffees. They even do mailorders with free shipping if you order two or more bags.

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Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters has three locations in Boise.

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DOMA Coffee Roasting Company is quite well-known. They are headquartered in Post Falls. They are a member of the Cooperative Coffees group, which is a prominent coffee bean buying collective.

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A Specialty Coffee Guide to Boise, the Gem State Capital

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NEMO Arms — originally headquartered in Montana, but now in Idaho — recently announced their new Monark 9mm pistol series.  This is a design that will appeal to the metal frame pistol crowd. If you love Browning Hi-Powers or SIG P220/226 series pistols, and want something more modern, then this might be the pistol for you. Most Monark models features high sights (to allow an unobstructed sight picture with a suppressor attached), and a milled slot forward of the rear sight, for attaching a red dot sight. They seem to be aiming for the “tactical” end of the market.  Notably,they will be offering 10, 15, 18, 20, and 32 round magazines. If you can afford a registered suppressor, then you can probably afford a Monark, as your main suppressor host handgun.


Montana (Coffee Roasters)

Some last minute election news for our readers in Montana: Tester Takes a Torpedo Below the Water Line. “The Libertarian candidate in Montana’s U.S. Senate race threw his support behind his Republican opponent Wednesday in a surprise move that came in response to an election mailer from an unknown group that appeared aimed at undermining Rosendale’s support among conservatives.”

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A gourmet coffee roaster, in Billings: Rock Creek Coffee

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In Whitefish: Montana Coffee Traders

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In Bozeman: Treeline Coffee.

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In Great Falls: Morning Light Coffee Roasters.

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And for sheer variety of blends, there is Colter Coffee Roasting, in Kalispell.


Eastern Oregon (Coffee Roasters)

While most of Oregon’s coffee roasters are west of the Cascades, there are a few that are located in the Redoubt side of the state:

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Backporch Coffee Roasters has two locations in Bend.

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With locations throughout eastern Oregon, Sorbenots Coffee is perhaps the best known coffee roaster in the region. Their roastery is in Baker City, but they also have outlets in LaGrande, Ontario, Hermiston, and Pendleton.


Eastern Washington (Coffee Roasters)

Cravens Coffee Company has been well-known in Spokane for more than 25 years.

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Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters is well know in the Redoubt, because of its high profile outlets that stretch from Boise to Coeur d’Alene.

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D&M Coffee has been a fixture in Ellensburg, since 1990.

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And speaking of brewing… The mega leftists who run Rolling Stone recently published an unmitigated hit piece on Representative Matt Shea and the Liberty State partition movement, titled: Something’s Brewing in the Deep Red West. As you read Leah Sottile’s rambling expose, see how many slams, innuendos, guilt by association (and disassociation) references, mischaracterizations, and slurs you can count. It will be a substatntial number. Some of the slurs are none-too-subtle. For example, she forthrightly referred to Sheri Dovale of Redoubt News as a “propagandist.” And she calls Shea “an extremist hiding in plain sight.” She went on at length about the Christian Identity movement, even though Shea does not espouse its beliefs and his connections to its adherents are tenuous, at best. (Merely sharing a stage at a public event with someone who was formerly associated with Christian Identity 30+ years ago does not magically make someone a member of that movement!) Note that Sottile relied on dubious subject matter experts that included Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich (a Democrat Party tool) and Mark Pitcavage, an erstwhile “militia movement expert” who’s research largely dates back before the year 2000. Pitcavage’s work was cited by Michael A. Bellesiles as “invaluable to the development” of his controversial and largely discredited book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture.  The late Michael Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars dismissively and derisively referred to Pitcavage as an “attack blimp.”


Wyoming (Coffee Roasters)

Cody Coffee Roaster is a name that always pops up when you mention “Wyoming in and Coffee” in the same sentence. (or web search phrase.)

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Mystic Monk Coffee. From their web site: “In a mountain valley in Wyoming, a small group of Carmelite Monks were looking for a way to support their growing community. After much discernment and prayer, the monks had the inspiration to start roasting coffee and selling the beans online. The first samples were roasted on a cast-iron skillet in the monastery kitchen and in 2007, Mystic Monk Coffee was born.”

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And last but not least is Snake River Roasting Company, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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  1. As a Tennessee native, I am a die-hard fan of BRCC (AK-47 blend). I have to buy in bulk when I can find it because it is constantly sold-out. Also, a portion of all of their sales goes towards Veterans and 2nd Amendment causes. That being said, if there’s a similar brewer in your area, support local business.

    I have no affiliation with BRCC or any other coffee maker.

    1. Evans Brothers coffee, from my understanding, is owned by extreme liberals, the kind that support Islamic refugees in Idaho. We do not go there when we visit Sandpoint. If anyone has other info please post.

  2. For those who would like to roast their own coffee, I highly recommend Burman Coffee Traders ( in Middleton, WI.

    I have been roasting our own coffee for six years (over 500 lb. as of this date) using a Behmor 1600 roaster and a Kitchen Aid coffee grinder. The up-front cost of the equipment can be a bit of sticker shock, but being able to roast coffee to your preference makes it an investment in quality of life. Also, green coffee beans store much longer than roasted beans.

  3. I’m not sure who decided the Sheriff Ozzy was a Democrat party tool, but I think that remark is way off base and written by someone who is not familiar with him.

    1. While Ozzie K. is nominally a Republican, his anti-Tea Party and anti-Matt Shea rhetoric has been highly inflammatory. Most of his statements on that topic sound like they are straight out of the Democrat Party playbook. Even liberal journalists have pointed out his extreme position. See, for example:

  4. Hey guys, Black Rifle Coffee Company actually has two roasters- one in Salt Lake City and one in Manchester, TN. Little known fact, I’m originally from Idaho and I’m a survival enthusiast. Evan Hafer (Owner of Black Rifle Coffee Company)

  5. As I sit here with a purring golden cat on my lap, I applaud your recommendations for coffee roasters. Don’t drink the
    “brown bitter water” myself.

    I simply enjoy the wide range of service and support you offer to your readers.

    Carry on.

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