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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on “Perps from Out of the Redoubt Correlation” (PORC). See the Montana and Eastern Washington sections.)


Twin Falls, Idaho welcomed nearly 3,000 refugees in ten years

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Idaho County Sheriff continues search for two people reported missing on the same day

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Idaho authorities stop search for missing Maryland filmmaker


Montana (Perps from Out of the Redoubt Correlation)

 Judge Upholds Missoula Universal Background Check Regulation. Now comes the costly appeal.

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Missoula: Kavanaugh Protesters Plead Guilty to Criminal Trespass

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In a heap of trouble: $50,000 Bond for Man who Led Cops on High Speed Chase into Idaho. JWR’s Comment: This is an example of what I dubbed the “Perps from Out of the Redoubt Correlation” (PORC): Namely, that a disproportionately large number of high profile crime perpetrators arrested in the Redoubt come from outside of the Redoubt. In this case, the perp was from Washington.

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Montana Expands Livestock Disease Vaccination Area


Eastern Oregon

Elgin welcomes sheriff’s deputy, plans upcoming move to new facility. JWR’s Comment:  The isolated town of Elgin is seldom mentioned in the news. Elgin and its vicinity are at the top of my list for eastern Oregon retreat locales.  The defensible mountain-ringed valley is largely agricultural, there is plentiful water, and nearby timber.

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Sermon From The Mount:  “Though Todd Pierce is used to breaking horses as he preaches sermons, he didn’t have to fight too hard with this one. Pierce and his company, Riding High Ministries, was in Umatilla at Two Rivers Correctional Institution.”

Eastern Washington (Perps from Out of the Redoubt Correlation)

Kennewick: Dick’s Sporting Goods confirmed for Columbia Center mall. Most SurvivalBlog readers are already aware that the Dick’s store chain has adopted an anti-gun stance. Please spread the word and shun all Dick’s stores, including this new store in Kennewick!

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Another “Perps from Out of the Redoubt Correlation” (PORC) news story: Woman connected to Colfax homicide appears in court

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The Tri-Cities has asked for a daily Los Angeles flight for years. Now it has one




Gunwerks Expands With Wyoming State Loan

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A Cheyenne Man Admits to Murder


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  1. We get refugees here too I suppose, only down here they just walk in instead of having our govt fly them in. Of course down here we call them invaders/illegal immigrants/democrats-in-training.

  2. Per Dick’s anti firearm stance :
    I do not understand why any one who favors the 2nd amendment would financially support a business that does not . That is like providing ammunition for your executioner.Levi Srauss also financially supports gun control. Why buy their products ? Why pay for your own demise ?
    Gun control is people control, period!

  3. A family friend who works immigration tells us that immigrants are placed where they are invited. That is, someone in local government has to ask and agree for immigrants to be located in their village, town, city, or metropolis.

    Worth inquiring about. It’s always about money, as many people know.

    1. “It’s always about money, as many people know.”

      well, some certain people know, yes. it’s how they do business.

      “Now the proposal seemed good to Pharaoh and to all his servants ….”

  4. Along the boycott Dicks Sporting Goods and Levis line of thinking. Citi Group the banking giants top brass has decided to not loan money to gun, ammunition, and high capacity magazine manufacturers. A couple of retailers that I have done business with previously have recently acquired Citi Group to handle their credit card business, LL Bean and Tractor Supply. You may want to send them a letter making them aware. Citi Group in addition wont loan money to any business that sells guns or ammo to anyone under 21 years of age. Even though many Americans are in the middle east and numerous other countries carrying rifles protecting their sorry corporate … .

  5. I was interested in Todd Pierce and his ministry Sermon (From) The Mount because here in Oklahoma there is a gentleman who does the exact same thing as Mr. Pierce and he calls his ministry Sermon (On) The Mount. What a very innovative way to draw someone’s attention and then present the Gospel of Christ.

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