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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. The emphasis today is on the term Redoubter. It is now used as a term of derision by leftist malcontents.

The Redoubt Movement and “Redoubters” in the News

First off, over at The Charles Carroll Society site, there is a great article. It is about how the term “Redoubter” has been politicized. Liberal Republican upset that conservatives are politically active in Idaho.


Michael Snyder has announced his candidacy for an Idaho Congressional seat.  You may recognize Michael’s name. He is the author of four books and he is the Editor of  He is a devout Christian, and distinctly  “pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-liberty.”  Snyder favors term limits and limited government.  And Snyder is also in favor of abolishing the IRS, the EPA, the Federal Reserve, and the Income Tax. Those are worthy goals!  Snyder and his family live in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

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There is a Kickstarter project now active for a clever roto-molded hand cart called the Polymule.  This was the creation of an Idaho inventor. It looks quite versatile. Preppers will surely see its potential for Get Out Of Dodge gear transport. That is just the beginning.  It is also well-suited to pulling firewood out of the woods (in those tightly-spaced groves where even your quad won’t go.) They also look great for gardening and for transporting wild game. (As a deer cart.)

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Reader H.L. sent this: Health insurers in Idaho request premium rate hikes as high as 81 percent. JWR’s Comment: B-b-but wait! President Obama told us that our rates would probably go down!


From The Seattle TimesFires are torching Montana, and the money is running out

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BIA confirms shooting, emergency curfew imposed for all Crow Reservation residents

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Yellowstone to create temporary bison quarantine facility

Eastern Oregon

ODFW to kill wolves from Wallowa County pack

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Authorities charge man with murder after burned body found

Eastern Washington

Avista Announces Merger With Canadian Utility, Hydro One Limited JWR’s Comment: Having a U.S. utility under Canadian control might raise a few eyebrows. (A hat tip to SurvivalBlog reader “granma” for the news tip.)

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Slippery and sly, are rattlesnake numbers high?


Herders and goats helping Wyoming fight invasive weeds


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  1. A comment on the Crow Reservation curfew. What about Chicago, Detroit, DC. LA. etc. ? Just plain old discrimination by a Government Agency that is obsolete but self perpetuating.

  2. Not being familiar with kickstarter…..
    It looks like the polymule kickstarter is way behind on its fundraising goals. What happens to everyone’s donated monies if the polymule doesn’t raise all the funds ($25K) by the stated time (EOM August)?

    1. Kickstarter is basically a pre-order system. Cards are only charged after the campaign, ONLY IF we reach our funding goal.

      Slow and steady! We have a lot of media coverage coming our way, so things are ramping up. We have had a lot of interest, I honestly believe a major reason for our slow start is that many people don’t understand how Kickstarter works.

  3. I currently pack two sports carts along with our “get home ” supplies in the back of my truck. They are rated for 150 lbs each. The Polymule solves some issues I anticipate;
    1.small wheels that may not endure and would only work on hard surfaces, not functional on broken terrain.
    2. hard to pull with single handle design. I’ll have to fab a harness system to assist the mechanical advantage and leave both hands free.
    The Polymule will take up more space, even with its well designed storage.

  4. I realize many here are probably Northern Redoubters, but what about Southern Idaho? Is the mindset the same, away from the bigger cities like Boise and Mountain Home? Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom in advance.

  5. Re: Polymule — Is there a braking system, either in design, or provision for one? I imagine a full load being more than I could belay over some terrain.

    1. We have several kits that compliment the Polymule in the works…. Including:

      -Optional Brake Kit
      -ATV / UTV attachment kit
      -Possibly a universal roof rack attachment kit
      -SOLAR Trail Kit (Charge devices by day/light up the trail or your base camp by night)

      Thanks for your interest….

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