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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on the death of Jessi Combs.   (See the Eastern Oregon section.)


Faithful Observations: From 9/11 ashes arose Christian emergency groupJWR’s Note: I learned that the newspaper had a typo in the contact e-mail address fro the north Idaho representative. His correct e-mail address is (There is only one “L” in Welbaum, not two as in the article).

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The Los Angeles Times reports: ‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in BoiseJWR’s Comment:  It is the liberal mindset on some Californians that isn’t wanted. True conservatives are generally welcomed.

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Property Rights Organization Laclede Meeting


County backs 14,000 acre Lolo Trails Landmark acquisition southwest of Missoula

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Bill honoring Montana Medal of Honor recipient likely to pass U.S. Senate

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Grizzly bear killed after several incidents, including one human attack

Eastern Oregon

A follow-up on the death of Jessi Combs: Report on Jet Car crash released.  This confirms earlier press reports on the cause of the fatal crash.  Here is a pericope:

“Harney County Sheriff’s office has released the cause of the crash that  killed TV personality Jessi Combs in  August. She was at the Alvord Desert attempting to set a land speed record.  The report says one of the front wheels on her jet car failed after apparently hitting something. The car was travelling 550 miles an hour when the crash  happened. Combs was 39 years old.”

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Oregon prison nurse accused of starving inmate faces discipline

Eastern Washington

Walla Walla: Another kidnapper is sentenced

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Cop Quits After Threatening to Kill Man, Siccing K9 On Him


Casper: Inspection records show state of homes falling apart in Mesa Del Sol subdivision

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Navajo company confident about Wyoming, Montana coal bonding

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  1. Lilly can I suggest you look at Crimean Ovens in the Low Tech webpages for in ground heating for your greenhouses? Used in Crimean and American Civil War to keep field hospitals tents warm and dry.

    I’m rebuilding each of my raised beds for this as then I can get my zone 5 frozen ground warmed long before my peers and plan on hoop greenhouse over it for frost protection.

    Growing food inside the home is a constant battle of the bugs. Even with “Sterile” earth they get in from outside, riding on your outside gardening clothing and breed like crazy in the “perfect” environment away from predators.

    For starting seeds excellent, for full on growing food I look forward to your future reports.

    In my raised bed garden beds I can chicken wire my hoop houses and let my chickens clean it up.

  2. RE: Go back to California. We had a new multi-generational family move in a couple of miles down the country road. I stopped by to introduce myself and discovered they were from California. I chastised myself thinking I really didn’t want them to be there because of their liberal views. They told me they were vegan so I asked them if they knew that they were surrounded by cattle ranchers; also if they got up early in the morning they could hear the cattle and horses, but beware of the biting cow flies. They complained about hearing gun shots so I told them there is a professional outdoor shooting range 5 miles down the road and I suggested they go and learn to shoot. Most of the neighbors practice shooting on their properties of 50 to 500 acres; and yes it is legal. Their only saving grace is that one of them is a nurse.

  3. The reason we moved here from CA. 8 years ago were numerous but one on the top of the list was because it was Idaho and NOT CA. and as most of the folks told us “Leave CA in CA, this is Idaho please don’t Californicate the place.
    I pass this on to all of the folks I meet relocating here and most all of the folks where we live are here for the same reason escaping the once golden state of CA. and it’s policies.

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  5. In Maine folks whined about the embedded folks from Massachusetts moving in. Of course many of the embedded folks were not born in Maine. They already ‘got theirs’.

    I see a U-Haul truck and think ‘Liberty at work’. Yes some arrive in huge moving vans and bring boatloads of money with them. Some come with big government pensions and benefits. I get it. But what can one do about it without infringing on another’s rights?

    My point: Stop whining. People, transplant or embedded have a duty to stand up for their natural rights everywhere, against anyone infringing upon them. Do it.

    1. For what it’s worth. Some churches, some now and the government also move people to other states and small towns. Some years ago in my small town suddenly we had two black families from alabama. Then four families, then half a dozen, then a dozen or so, then two dozen. Talking to one of the new residents I asked how did you end up in small town nowhere. He said that their church in alabama relocated them to various cities. So I asked what they did for work. No problem, the church coordinated with the city to get them tax payer subsidized housing and welfare.

      1. Oneguy, I believe you. I smell government behind all that you speak of.

        We moved to Maine in the late 60s because it was a better place to raise children. I have fond memories of both Lewiston and Portland Maine. The government has since dumped at least 12,500 immigrants from seven east African countries, including Somalia into these cities. I would never visit no less live in those cities today.

      2. I’m confused. What would be the advantage to sending families to your town vs where they were living? Welfare is available everywhere. It doesn’t provide enough funds to live on. Are they refugees? Does your town have jobs? Is housing available and cheap? Are other living costs low? Were they members of the church or just people the church was helping?

  6. FL is suffering a similar “californication”; south FL has had a long history of invading north easterners bringing the NY/NJ mindset, but now we see an influx of “rebound snow-birds” who are tired of taxes, HOA’s, traffic, etc… Moving to rural (conservative) north FL, but bringing that same mind-set with them. It’s like a creeping cancer.

  7. Regarding Californication, I too left California almost 30 years ago for a rural Red state. I loved my new state just the way it was, and didn’t want it to change. That state has turned blue. Look at it this way, Hispanics in California have long vowed that they will take back the state, and they are, one person at a time. It is the same with people moving to Idaho or Montana from California. They come, one by one, for the quality of life, and economic reasons, but wish their new home would be like their old home, with tract homes, shopping malls, etc. Change of place, but not a change of mind. This cancer is contagious, and will spread, and unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about it short of closed borders. The only encouraging thing is that after 4-5 winters, many newcomers put their homes up for sale and seek warmer climes.

  8. The 20 Percenters

    Only 20 percent in Lincoln County, Montana voted for Ron Paul. 20 percent is representative of the nation wide number, and it was higher here that most other counties. This means that 80 percent did not vote for Ron Paul for President, and are not as Conservative as myself. 80 percent of the population are not from out of state. The liberal mindset is strongest in the towns, and most of these persons are natives. In my experience in the last 12 years here, the ‘out of staters’ moving to Montana at this time, tend to be more conservative than the natives, and more likely to vote for Ron Paul.

    The percentage of those with a long term survival plan is higher here than most other parts of the country. That is the group that will be apart of the solution. The actual number of this group of individual is dangerously low. Any addition to that is a significant improvement. We are already out numbered and surrounded. Sadly, a large number of the those who did voted for Ron Paul, will go hungry.

  9. The Griz

    That was a long list of interactions with Grizzly that made it into the media. Yet, there are more interactions than is mentioned. A Gizzly sow with 2 cubs that was knocking off chicken couos around here, was finally shot, and the cubs relocated.

    Just got off the phone this morning, and got a report that another Griz with cubs is raiding homesteads in an area about 20 miles from here. It torn the shed door off and grabbed the dog food.

    And there are several reports of Griz getting hit by the train that runs south of here.
    The bear huggers are gonna stop the train from running cause of it.

    Seems to me that there are more Griz around here than we need. They appear to less afraid of people than they should be and are becoming too familiar, and therefore dangerous. The official number is probably outdated.

    I know of two other girls who were mauled by bears and have the facial scars to prove it. This young lady,, was likely attacked by the Griz, because they are not afraid of us anymore, and wander lower for food. It sounds like the girl spooked it, but it would not have been there if it was fearful of human scent on that trail. This policy of protecting the Griz has gone too far. BTW, had she a Baofeng radio, it is likely she could have called for help using the 2 meter repeaters, or even USFS repeater in that area, instead walking out mauled for several miles. Young and strong, she made it. Did she have bear spray, and a big rifle?

  10. Tunnel rabbit- I have seen several reports and heard on the news that Grizzlies are expanding their territory and growing in numbers. Just another reason to be aware and prepared.

  11. Moved to Idaho this year from Ohio. It’s a beautiful state but already starting to regret it. The houses are unobtainable and the Californians have all the money and love politics. Idaho will be blue in 5 years or less. Such a shame. Nowhere is safe now, forget voting with your feet. The war has long been lost.

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