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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on conifer encroachment.   (See the Montana section.)


Inland Northwest Trends, Fall 2019 (Gallery). Far from being just “hicks, out in the sticks”, many builders in the American Redoubt are constructing and final finishing some very beautiful homes.

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In Redoubt, Matthew Barney retells an ancient myth in a survivalist American landscape


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University of Idaho deficit expected to increase to $22 million

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Books in Idaho prisons: What’s allowed, what isn’t, and what they mean to those inside. JWR’s Comment: I’ve heard that because of their technical details, my nonfiction books and even some of my novels have been banned by state and Federal prisons.


A word of warning to voters in Billings, Montana: Randy Heinz, who is running for Billings City Council District 2, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

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And meanwhile, in Bozeman: This socialist is running for Bozeman City Commission.

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Over at The Montana Standard, there is this to file under: “Global Warming”:  State snowplowing costs up 250% over last year.

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BLM, state, ranchers fight conifer encroachment. JWR’s Comment: In much of the northern half of The American Redoubt, trees grow like weeds. Most folks haven’t heard that the continental United States is presently more heavily forested than it was in 1920. Loggers and forest fires are not keeping up with tree growth. There is no shortage of oxygen. All of the dire warnings about “CO2 emissions” are specious. CO2 just makes trees grow faster! The recently-touted “lungs of the earth” trope is tripe. 70% of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is produced by marine plants. The real lungs of the earth are oceanic phytoplankton and larger sea plants, and they are dong just fine.

Eastern Oregon

Torrefaction: Improving forest health and the economy. See, also: How torrefaction works

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Man killed in Oregon helicopter crash; daughter survives

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Neighbors take issue with proposed subdivision in west Bend

Eastern Washington

Suspect Arrested in Cold Case Murder from 1995

Here is how the article begins:

“For over two decades, Pasco Police have been trying to track down a suspect in a cold case murder that left one man dead in a drive-by shooting.

Pasco Police had been searching for 40 year old Ezequiel Romero who was a suspect in a drive by shooting on the 700 block of West Agate on July 5,1995.

“A car drove by, fired a bunch of rounds into a house and ultimately one individual ended up dying due to being stuck by bullets,” said Sgt. Scott Warren with Pasco Police.

That search ended after Pasco Police got a call from police in Salt Lake City on October 18th about Romero’s whereabouts’ after he was arrested after reentering the U.S. from Mexico where he had been hiding.”

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Man from controversial video arrested in Kennewick again

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I missed this article when it ran back in September: Proponents of Eastern Washington seceding hold first press conference.

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Yakima police vehicle crashes, collides with car carrying woman and child


Cheyenne Police Bust Furry Ham Thief Near Library

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Wyoming Panel Rejects Gun Reporting Bill

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  1. Secession requires a majority vote of the state congress. Since the left owns both the legislature and the governor’s office, and since they get the benefit of revenues from eastern Washington with accountability, do you think the majority would ever see it in their interest to give up the cash cow?

    Splitting Washington, Oregon, or Cali is a conservative pipe dream. The I-5 Corridor voters will never support it. They need east side money to pay for stadiums, ferries, light rail, and all the homeless in LA, SF, Portland and Seattle. But I applaud the effort. They may not listen, but they also cannot entirely ignore the dissention, since it is often a topic of amusement at their various fund-raising/social(ist) events. Well, that, and how radioactive and barren and poor “that other part” of the state is.

    “Endeavor to perservere.”

    1. Presently, eastern Washington is NOT a cash cow! Because of the long stretches of state highways that requires plowing and maintenance, and a relatively small tax base, the eastern counties actually drain more state funds than they contribute. So I believe than the legislators in Olympia might be agreeable to partition. Especially if the partition line is anywhere EAST of Grand Coulee Dam…

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