Seeking Input on Nigeria and on Drafting the Ilemi Constitution

I’m sure that many SurvivalBlog readers have now read my novel Land of Promise, which set up my Counter-Caliphate Chronicles novel series. (Reviews on are greatly appreciated.) The first novel included some details on the founding of the fictional Ilemi Republic, in East Africa. I’m now drafting the second novel in the series, titled Piece of Resistance. Although part of this book will be set in The Ilemi Republic, it primarily describes a war of resistance in Nigeria, in the 2040s. (Fourth Generation warfare against a totalitarian Islamic government.) If any SurvivalBlog readers have recent experience in Nigeria, then I would love to hear from you. Although I have traveled some in Africa, I have never been to Nigeria. So I’d really appreciate having the opportunity to discuss Nigerian culture, politics, economics, religions, foods, climate, and tribal differences with someone who has lived there or who has at least traveled there extensively.

I’m also soliciting input on my draft of the Ilemi Constitution, which I plan to include in Piece of Resistance, as an appendix. In particular, I’m looking for suggestions on how to create some ironclad limitations on the expansion of government. I’m hoping that there are some legal scholars out there who would like to help. More than just a piece of fiction, I am hoping that this draft of the Ilemi Constitution will serve as a model that could be followed, in the establishment of new libertarian nations with minimalist governments.

Please e-mail me, if you are interested. Many thanks! – JWR