Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

Reader S.B. suggested The Uglies

This is a book series that would be of interest to both young and old survival blog readers. They are an easy read, originally targeted towards teens and young adults. It’s a book about ultimate government control and the fight by a small group of young people to escape it.

The government raises your children. Once you have your mandatory surgery, everyone is the same (socialist utopia). You are assigned a job. No money is used. You are assigned your lifestyle based on popularity points (think youtube and facebook). You are not allowed to leave the city limits. When I read the series years ago, it seemed far fetched. Now, not so much.

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K.S. wrote in to recommend Ted Koppels new book Lights Out. It is a detailed look at the nations powergrid and its vulnerabilities.

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E.C. suggested Code of Conduct, by Brad Thor stating: I would suggest this novel as a good “think about a real Pandemic situation” story, with some thriller novel aspects. This author seems to have “the touch”, as does Mr. Rawles. He also seems to try to be specific and authentic about government aspects, travel, weapons, and other parts of writing a believable story.