Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

A SurvivalBlog reader wrote in to recommend three novels by Ken Gallender: Jernigan’s War and Porter’s Run (a sequel to Jernigan’s War). Based on a collapse of society with the United States under siege from an invading army and biological warfare, they provide an excellent entertaining adventure.

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Reader P.M. wrote in: “One of my all time favorite movies is ‘Ride With The Devil,’ a Civil War era film about bushwackers and jayhawkers. It is a side of the war that is seldom discussed, and never from the Southern perspective. The production values are excellent, as is the cast. It is an Ang Lee film, was set for national release until it was discovered that one of the main characters was a black man fighting for the South. Down the memory hole it went, and has survived only by word of mouth. Highly recommended!” (Editors note: Rated “R”)

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I have just finished a novel that I believe your readers would enjoy very much. The book is Joshua by John Wilson, and it is about a man and small boy traveling across the U.S. after a major economic meltdown. It has been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and there is a vague similarity. I have read both and must say I enjoyed Mr. Wilson’s book much more. It certainly has a better ending! I believe that your readers that like survival type fiction will enjoy it too. – J.K.

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