Readers’ Recommendation of the Week:


I wanted to recommend a book that I just read called “Deadly Minutes vs Precious Seconds, a Primer on Armed Church Security from an Oklahoma Perspective” by Billy E Kuempe and available on Amazon Kindle. It is a well written treatise on how to set up a church-sponsored, armed security team, focusing on selecting the right team members and dealing with some of the interpersonal problems that arise. I think that it not only would be valuable for anyone looking to set up or improve on their security, but it also has value for those who look to set up a retreat with others, especially non-family members. While it does include a lot of Oklahoma specific legal information and does not provide answers for other states, it does at least provide a good guide for what sort of questions you need to answer for your own state. The book is $5.99 as a Kindle download, or it is free is you have Kindle Unlimited. – B.F.