Product Review: The Don’t Die Out There! Card Deck

The Don’t Die Out There! Card Deck is one of the card decks that doubles as an information source, in this case, on disaster response.

It’s printed on very sturdy plastic coated stock, about twice as heavy as typical decks, but the same overall thickness. It’s well organized, with each suit covering different areas–Diamonds: survival essentials, signals, navigation and shelters. Spades: situational assessment, evac techniques, water, fire and food. Hearts: First aid, environmental and medical concerns. Clubs: CPR, severe trauma and evacuation of the injured.

The Aces serve as indexes, and Jokers as forewords. It’s a handy pocket survival book summarized in a card deck, with pictures of things like splints , shelters and navigation techniques, lists of medical, clothing and other supplies, and charts of procedures. The summaries are concise and very clear. It’s heavy on the first aid, but has good, practical guidelines for quick emergency shelters with native materials or tarps, and a summary of map and compass that a layman can use to get a fix on location or direction to travel to find help.

If all else fails, you can always play solitaire. Eventually, someone will show up and tell you to play the red 9 on the black 10.

For $7 retail, it’s a worthwhile addition to a bailout kit, especially for laymen traveling in even slightly remote areas—parks, backpacking areas or wilderness preserves. – SurvivalBlog Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson, author of the new science fiction novel Do Unto Others.