Preparedness Notes for Wednesday – November 07, 2018

November 7th is the anniversary of the death of actor Steve McQueen (born March 24, 1930, died November 7, 1980). The many well-publicized exploits in his tempestuous life and his enduring persona are well known. However, the end of his life is actually the most noteworthy part of his legacy, even though it seldom gets much publicity outside of Christian circles; he came to Jesus after he had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. He died with his forefinger pointing to his key verse in his Bible– Titus 1:2.


    1. I used to go to Harvest Church in Southern Kali… Now we live in the Redoubt. But Pastor Greg Laurie was following this story and even wrote a best selling book on this actor’s life. Pastor Greg even got the Hollywood producers to make a movie about Steve McQueen where the storyline centers upon his acceptation of Christ and birth right into Heaven. Since it didn’t fit the narrative of the Hollywood Lib-tards, the movie was only out for a week and in select theaters. The DVD is best choice now.

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