Preparedness Notes for Wednesday — January 15, 2020

Today is the birthday of television and movie actor Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998), who starred in the series Sea Hunt. He was a good actor, but his liberal politics were bothersome. A reader mentioned just one example that illustrated his politics:  Lloyd Bridges had a ranch in in Markleeville, California, in Alpine County. “He wanted an outbuilding built and friends of mine there were hired to erect it. They showed up in standard issue F150 pickup trucks, each with a Model 1894 Winchester or scoped bolt action hunting rifle in gun racks behind the driver. Bridges demanded they take the guns home and then come back and work, “no guns allowed” on or near his property. They quit, and the word about this incident spread.”

Sadly, Lloyd Bridges championed many liberal causes that were antithetical to individual liberty. He was blacklisted for his left-wing politics, in the 1950s.

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  1. I just submitted a comment questioning why Lloyd Bridges would be considered guilty of “liberal politics” simply because he didn’t want guys showing up to work on HIS property with weapons. You displayed my comment for a few minutes and then it was gone.Why? Did something about my comment offend you?

    1. I removed your comment because you implied that this was the only evidence that Bridges was a liberal. But I clearly stated that just ONE EXAMPLE was his ejecting workmen from his property, because they had guns in their vehicles. I don’t appreciate it when readers twist my words.

      1. Sorry JWR, but if you wished to label Bridges as a liberal, maybe you should have cited more than one example to make your case. Many of us grew up watching Sea Hunt, and wish that our memories of Lloyd Bridges could just be left intact. What purpose does it serve to try to destroy fond memories of a harmless TV show?

        I certainly didn’t wish to “twist your words”. I enjoy this site every evening and usually don’t try to offend anyone unless they need offending. I will tread a bit more lightly here. Thanks for your response.


        1. Among other things, Lloyd Bridges was an advocate of World Government. Did he really think through what that meant in terms of a Lowest Common Denominator, for individual liberty? In many ways, he was a predecessor of the dozens (hundreds?) of outspoken liberals in contemporary Hollywood. We are now constantly besieged by their political rants and tirades. (For example, Robert DeNiro’s foul-mouthed tirades against DJT.) And what qualifies them to pontificate on the affairs of state? Their beauty or their handsomeness? Their ability to memorize lines in a script? They use their stardom as an oversize marble podium, when all they deserve is the same apple crate, as any other citizen.

          1. I share your contempt for foul mouthed, arrogant Hollywood types. I really don’t need their lectures, after all they went through acting school, period. Big deal. And I’m sure none of them have any use whatsoever for my opinion, I’m just a Bible toting, gun loving derelict from the middle of the country. Disappointed to hear this about Lloyd Bridges, I thought they made ’em better back then.

  2. You note Lloyd Bridges was blacklisted for his liberal politics. Seems to me that denying a man his employment for political reasons is antithetical to the concept of liberty.

    Carry on

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