Preparedness Notes for Tuesday — October 20, 2020

Today is the birthday of shootist Ed McGivern (born 1874, died December 12, 1957.) He was born in Nebraska, but was a long-time resident of Butte, Montana. His classic book Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting is fascinating reading.

Today is the birthday of the late Tom Petty. (Born October 20, 1950, died October 2, 2017). He was a great singer-songwriter and a passable actor.

October 20th is also the birthday of actor Viggo Mortensen (born 1958.) He lives somewhere in the American Redoubt. On his ranch is his horse-for-life “TJ”–one of the five paint horses used in the filming of the movie Hidalgo. Most SurvivalBlog readers probably know him best for his starring role in The Road.


  1. I have a very old copy Ed’s book. It was a gift from my father in law. He read it to learn how to shoot better after a couple of shootouts with bank robbers back in the day.
    It’s a very good read.

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