Preparedness Notes for Sunday — November 17, 2019

On this day in 1777, the Articles of Confederation were submitted to the states for ratification. They differed from the Constitution in that they emphasized the primacy of the states. This brings to mind the dangers of convening a Constitutional Convention, because the last time this happened the Articles of Confederation were thrown out and totally replaced by the Constitution. Do you honestly believe that our politicians today could craft a document that so thoroughly protects the rights of the individual as they did then?

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  1. Americans enjoyed their greatest Liberty under the Articles of Confederation and common law. There was no federal government, no Constitution and no political parties. Yet the States defeated the mightiest military in the world.

  2. A Constitutional convention today would be the end to the America we all know. Conservative dreamers like to think we could solidify 2A, include electronic data in the 4th (or confirm that it is already protected), add protections against government data mining and DNA mapping as well as limiting the Fed’s size and scope. While all that sounds good an glance back at history should be a clue into how it would end. I believe the Constitution would be tossed as a whole and it’s 5,543 words replaced by several hundred (or thousand) pages that would surreptitiously give the federal government unlimited power and remove all accountability to the People, thus rendering the “consent of the governed” null and void.

  3. In my humble view, the proposed Article V convention must be avoided at all costs. In this day and age, with our present makeup of criminals in charge of congress, on both sides, just imagine the outcome on your already stressed liberties. Virtually everything we as citizens do is regulated, controlled, taxed, in one manner or another. If our Constitution is to be amended it must be done by those who actually believe and follow the original meaning of the principles this country was founded on. Presently there is no one up to that task and I believe it may take many years of returning to the principles of the Constitution before anyone may be qualified. I have read a few of the “proposed” new Constitutions and in a word – scary. The liberties we presently seem to enjoy will no longer exist.
    Please do some research and make intelligent and informed decisions, then pass it along to all who will listen.
    An exceptional place to start is here:

  4. This old coot is a little slow. It took me 40 years to discover this painful truth.

    There never was ‘We the People’. Only 6% of Americans were even eligible to vote for ratification of The U.S. Constitution. Of those perhaps 3% voted with only 2% voting in favor of ratification. There is no validity to the U.S. Constitution.

    You can stone me but I’d rather you prove me wrong.

    1. We do tend to cling to the romantic notions we were taught in “American History” class. As kids we lacked the ability to ask what the sources of the information were and challenge the validity of those sources. Different world now.

      I don’t know whether you are wrong, Montana Guy. And, I would appreciate you citing the sources for your assertion.

      Carry on

      1. Once a Marine, after 40 years of public activism in support of the U.S. Constitution acknowledging that there was no validity to it was VERY humbling. I wish there was a CliffsNotes version available. Here we go.

        The best single source to support my post would be ‘No Treason’ by Lysander Spooner, published in 1867. He was arguably one of the greatest libertarians in U.S. history and thankfully a prolific author.

        More about Spooner himself can be found here:

        To begin with, the process of the constitution conventions was fatally flawed. I doubt many would argue against the fact that the U.S. Constitution was drafted behind closed doors in tremendous secrecy. It was essentially a coup led by Alexander Hamilton. Good men followed.

        One of many articles confirming this:

        Ratification Dates and Votes of State delegates can be found at the following link. Remember that only 6% of Americans were even eligible to vote at this time.

        Few Americans are aware that notable figures such as Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry were vocal opponents of the Constitution. Jefferson (from exile in France) expressed serious concerns about ratification. Searches on these anti-federalists will verify this.

        1. Are there anything like the Federalist papers from these especially John Adams?

          What was the reason for the Electors?

          How was voting organized at this times and how did it develop in the US?

          1. ThoDan, yes indeed there is a wealth of information in the Federalist papers. And much can be gleaned from research on the position of the individual Founders (including those NOT attending the constitution conventions such as anti-federalists Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams) in documents, letters etc. There was much dissension.

            Essentially only wealthy white male land-owners were allowed to vote. There was no ‘consent of the governed’. There was no ‘We the People’. There was no validity to the U.S. Constitution.

            Lastly, my intent is to open minds filled with fake history. It is the duty of every American to do their due diligence regarding this crucial matter.

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