Preparedness Notes for Saturday — August 10, 2019

On August 10th, 1984, Red Dawn, the first PG-13 rated movie, starring Patrick Swayze was released. The movie (the 1984 original, not the watered-down 2012 remake) is a favorite of both JWR and HJL. The characters embody the independent, indomitable spirit that created this country.

Today I’m posting a short follow-up article by “Tunnel Rabbit.” Because it is less than 1,500 words, this is not part of the writing contest judging.


  1. Seeing how I have changed. When the original came out, I thought it was a really stupid premise and a waste of time to watch. I finally watched the whole 1984 version just a few years ago and really appreciate it. Recommended watching.

  2. How similar is our situation. That kind of stoic determination is what it’s gonna take. Another favorite, recommend here years ago, the 2008 movie, Defiance. It is no longer available on You Tube, but it is worth hunting down. Here is a sample.

    Prior to 2008, Ray Mears in his survival/bushcraft BBC series, he interviewed the surviving jews whose story the movie is based upon. He also demonstrates some of the survival techniques that allowed to them thrive in the forest. This is still on YouTube, albeit, in low quality form. I would also learn how to build a fireplace from scratch.

    Ray Mears, Belarus:

  3. An all-time favorite movie of my son and I. Especially liked the campfire scene with Powers Booth (a favorite actor). Booth went on to be James Jones and Curly Bill Brocius during his career.

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