Preparedness Notes for Monday – November 26, 2018

November 26th is the birthday of gun inventor Eugene Reising (born 1884, died February 21, 1967). One of his famous firearms is the Reising SMG.


  1. …The Reising SMG, 45 cal is a finely made sub-machine gun, runs well in the sterile environment of a SMG range…..But history in the Pacific showed it to be just that, a gun made for the cleanest surroundings, not in the filthy jungle and sands of the Japanese held islands of the Pacific.
    ..…..I think the going price for a Reising SMG that is on the ATF register, and can be transferred , is about $7,000. right now………It used to be considered the ‘poor-man’s Thompson SMG”, but with this current price, it is hard to be known as that now……bh

  2. My uncle Virgil carried a Reising SMG on Okinawa and said it was a POC. It was also a lot cheaper than the Thompson, maybe even cheaper than the Grease Gun.

  3. The WW2 vets I have spoken with when issued it would have accidents that would get them replaced with a Thompson if available. Most reportedly were sent for”security duty” on conus.

  4. From reading the linked article, the reason the Reising turned out to be a POC was that the manufacture was subbed out to various contractors, and specs weren’t that tight. So some parts might be (+), other parts might be (-). If the gun could be made under one manufacturer, with reasonably tight specs, I wonder how well it would really work?
    Unfortunately, under the NFA34 and BATFEces, we’ll never know.

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