Preparedness Notes for Monday — January 20, 2020

Today is also the birthday of Congressman Richard Henry Lee (1732–1794)

On January 20, 1981, 52 American hostages were released by the Iranian government, following 444 days of captivity, to be reunited with their families. Not coincidentally, Ronald Reagan was sworn in is President, the same day.

I just heard about a new retreat property listing, over at A remote lakeside house, at the very eastern tip of Maine. It is only about two miles to the Canadian border or to the Atlantic ocean.


  1. Maine is beautiful but an honest ad for that property would show it in the winter. My uncle lived in Maine within sight of Mt. Washington. He had a 1 & 1/2 story home that had a outside stairway to the second floor bedroom. That was the only way you could get out of the house in the winter. Six feet of snow was considered a mild winter with 12 feet more common. His house was close enough to the ocean to get that heavy snowfall effect from winter storms but far enough that it got little of the warming effect of the ocean.

    1. That depth of snow sounds like free security from the golden hoarde if you ask me, but then, I love snow, so, to me, it would be great. My loved ones, not so much.

  2. Here in NW Montana, we have a highly unusual winter that has been warm and relatively dry. There has been very little snow. It is now 38F when it should be -20F.
    Historically the average temp 15-20 F this time of year. The biggest factor that is directly causing this strange and extreme weather, IMHO, is the very weak North Atlantic segment of the Gulf Stream. A properly functioning Gulf Stream regulates the Jet Stream. Without this regulation, the Jet Stream runs wild, and is unpredictable, causing unseasonable weather, be it, warm or cold, stormy or not, disrupting historical patterns of weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Neither side of the debate adequately discusses, or factors in this very important influence upon major weather patterns. How the Gulf Stream became critically weak is open for debate, yet the effects are obvious, and sadly underappreciated. I believe the solar minimum is the dominate force, yet there is a warming trend over the arctic. At this time, I believe the jet stream is stirring up the air currents and historic patterns of weather, by sending warm air over the arctic, and cold air into lower latitudes in unpredictable ways.

    Understanding how the jet stream controls major patterns, lends additional weight to the augment that we need to prepare for severe food shortages, and higher food prices.

  3. Very, very few people up that way in Maine. There’s a gal who lives right near that property, who maintains a blog about life up there: ‘A Life in the Wild’. We’re down in central Maine on 80 acres – we love it here. Constitutional carry, regular working class people, lots of good water, and more firewood than you could ever hope for. You could certainly do worse for a retreat. Plus if, God forbid, the marxists ever take over this great land, you could scoot across the border very easily undetected.

  4. The “Hostages”being released on inauguration day was no coincidence as Reagan had committed treason by making a deal with the Iranians to hold them. He then followed up by dealing drugs with the Clintons to arms traffic for murder squads in a illegal war in Nicaragua.

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