Pat’s Product Review: Bardin & Marsee Waterproof Bible

I was recently sent a Bible, a waterproof Bible, for testing for SurvivalBlog. Okay, I have a shelf full of Bibles, I hold several ministerial degrees, including a Doctor Of Divinity Degree, so I use different Bibles for studying God’s word – some versions are easier to understand that others – thus a shelf full of Bibles.
When a survival situation comes down, I can’t think of anything more important to have, than having a faith in God, and being a Believer in Jesus Christ – it is a saving faith, and one that has gotten me and my family through a lot of hard times over the years. When I was working in some security positions, and as a police officer, I always kept a small New Testament in my pocket or patrol car – for down time – when I could relax a little bit, and catch-up on reading God’s word. I believe you can have all the survival gear and weapons in the world, but if you don’t have faith to cling to, the bad times will only be worse for you.
So, I opened the box that I received and just took a look at this Bible – nothing really unusual about it, other than it was a bit heavier than some and it said it was waterproof. Never heard of such a thing, to be honest. I received the English Standard Version, and it is one version I didn’t have in my library. I only gleaned a little of it – no need to read the entire Bible.
As “luck” would have it, we had a weekend of monsoon rains, and we even lost power at our homestead for 9-hours. I opened the Bible and placed it on the patio table and figured the next morning, the Bible would be ruined. When we have some serious rains, we have SERIOUS rains. Next morning, I went out to check on the Bible and it was “wet” but not wet…I took a couple paper towels and wiped the Bible off, and it was good as new – indeed, it is 100% waterproof.
Being waterproof, also means that the pages are a bit tougher than most Bibles have – the very thin pages you can find on most Bibles. There was no bleeding through any of the pages when they were wet – and I can attest to how easily a wet Bible page can be to read, more than one of my Bibles have had water spilled on them in the past, and all but ruined them.
The waterproof Bible is the concept and fruition of – a young couple who’s ministry it is, to spread the Gospel, and do it in a different way – by providing something a bit different to folks – a Bible that can stand-up to the elements. You need to include a waterproof Bible in your survival gear, especially if you live in a wet climate, like I do, and you may have to bug out. While a regular Bible will suffice, it will get damaged in short order. If you have the waterproof Bible, it will last you through all the elements, and give you comfort and reassurance in troubling times. I have my sample, so I hope you all will check out their web site and place an order for one of your own. They also have different translations besides the English Standard Version, so check out their web site, you’ll be glad you did.