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Reader C.W. forwarded some very scary news: Perhaps just one mutation away from fast transmission human to human transmission? H7N9 Carries Genes from Rare H9N2, H7N3, H4N9, H11N9 Bird Flu Viruses. Here is a quote: “This finding implies that H7N9 viruses have partially acquired human receptor-binding specificity. All of the H7N9 human isolates examined contained a lysine residue at position 627 in the PB2 protein. It is well known that this lysine residue contributes to the replication and transmission of avian influenza viruses in mammalian hosts. It is likely that the acquisition of this lysine in H7N9 viruses during their replication in human hosts has significantly contributed to their virulence and lethality in humans.”

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Just ten years left, Larry! Former Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Larry Langford will be eligible for parole on May 1, 2023. Perhaps Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) should start a “Graybar Hotel Pen Pal Page” for their many members that are in prison, or that were convicted but somehow weaseled their way out of prison terms. Oh, BTW, there is even closer light at the end of the tunnel for former mayor Eddie Perez. He had faced a maximum sentence of 55 years, but was sentenced to just eight years, suspended after three years, with three years in prison, followed by three years of probation.

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F.G. sent: NeighborhoodScout’s Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America. Needless to say, the American Redoubt’s few cities are at the opposite end of their lists.

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For just the month of May, Freeze Dry Guy is offering Freeze Dried Pineapple by the case: six # 10 cans yielding 114 servings, with free shipping in CONUS. The special introductory price is good until May 31st . For more information, visit their web site or phone 866 404-3663

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G.G. flagged this one: Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents

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