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If You Use Tor Browser, The FBI Just Labeled You a Criminal – Submitted by RBS

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The Electric Crisis in Europe – “Part of the global warming/climate change deals, many people do not realize that in Europe there will be no more gasoline and diesel cars on the streets come 2020.” If Europe is getting rid of all gas and diesel powered cars soon, are we next? Does anyone realize that this also gives the government the option of pulling the plug on you so that you can’t drive anywhere? (Of course you have to pay for the electric fill-up with your electronic credit card that identifies you.) – J.W.

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As desire for heirloom seeds expands, we are always happy to find additional sources of them. The Sustainable Seed Company is one of the latest that we have found. If you’ve had experience with them, we would like to hear about it.

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DSV wrote in with these two links: NJ is a joke. So safe now that this weapon was taken off the street, while an escaped murderer is on the loose! ?Shotgun target practice leads to man’s arrest, cops say

Cops seize AR-15, military grade bullets in Paterson

“High powered assault rifle?” and “Military grade bullets?” Do these writers ever actually research what they write about?

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Using a .22LR for home defense? You might want to watch this video: How Many Interior Walls Will .22LR Bullets Penetrate?

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