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Sent in by T.P. – US gun-loving mom agrees to give talks about gun safety – The value of this story isn’t in the story itself. Take a close look at the photograph of this Remington 1911 pistol in the article. It is not in (U.S. military / Jeff Cooper / NRA) approved conditions 1, 2, or 3. It is “firing line hot” with the hammer fully cocked and the thumb safety “OFF”. I can’t be sure, but the middle digit of the man’s first finger may be placing some pressure on the trigger, as well. Ooops. The only times this pistol should be in this configuration is when pointed at a known target with intent to fire, or tactically “combat hot”. AFP and Yahoo strike out… again. Why would anyone trust their objective reporting on firearms, when they can’t even photograph one of the world’s best known, semi-automatic pistols safely?

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‘Professed transvestite’ goes after Judge Roy Moore – Sent in by J.F.

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Sent in by W.K. – From the US government: Are you safe and secure? Of course, the problem with this kind of report is the fact that we don’t know how many of these “stopped attacks” would have happened without government involvement, as the DHS has a propensity to claim it has stopped an attack where it recruited, funded, supplied, and then arrested those who were involved.

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Letter Details FBI Plan for Secretive Anti-Radicalization Committees – “The idea of the committees is to enlist counselors, social workers, religious figures, and other community members to intervene with people the FBI thinks are in danger of radicalizing — the sort of alternative to prosecution and jail time many experts have been clamoring for. But civil liberties groups worry the committees could become just a ruse to expand the FBI’s network of informants, and the government has refused to provide details about the program.” – Sent in by RBS

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8 Things You Can Do Now to Promote Medical Self-Care – DSV

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