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1.2% of Somalia’s population has been resettled in America. There are some disturbing charts in this article, and it shows that Clinton, Bush, and Obama are guilty. – B.B.

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Obama’s federalization of police grows nationwide. From equipment to intel, police are becoming dependent and subservient to the White House agenda. – B.L.

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McAuliffe restores voting rights for 206K ex-felons; GOP calls it move to boost Clinton. Every single individual (felon) who has completed their sentence has now had their voting rights restored, including rapists and murderers. (Note: He didn’t say rehabilitated, he said sentence completed!) – H.L.

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Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Property – We have been following this story since it began. This is nothing but a raw power grab by Oregon. – Link submitted by T.Z.

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SurvivalRealty has added 20 new property listings in Idaho and Montana. There is land to build on, underground bunkers, private canyons, remote riverfront homes, and more to browse through.

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