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MtH wrote in: “It is asking a lot to watch this whole documentary that I stumbled on regarding Waco…remember back in 1993 when we had our presidential pervert and his felonious ‘mate’ (I’m being extremely kind), who is now expected to be our next president.

It presents a very thoughtful fact-based approach to the Fed’s (mis)handling of the Waco incident. If you fast forward to around minute 1:34 (94 minutes into the documentary), you will see even more damning information on our expected next president.

If you have about two hours and don’t mind becoming even more upset with those that rule over you…”

HJL’s Comment: I took the two hours and watched the entire video. It was published in 1999, but its complaints are still valid. Most disturbing was the realization that certain factions of the U.S. military have no qualms about firing on U.S. citizens. It’s as if it is Germany in 1939 all over again. Demonize a group of people so they are seen as less than human, then it’s no big deal to treat them as non-humans. If you think that members of the peace officers law enforcement and the military won’t shoot at you, you better study history!

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Videos from Radio Free Redoubt:

Comms with the KX3 – In the field with John Jacob Schmidt (March 2016) Part 1 & Part 2
Apparently these comms videos generated as many questions about the coffee maker as they did the comms: Optimus Nova Stove Review by JJS

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G.G. sent this link with more evidence of the Nanny State run amok: Scotland: Airgun owners given six months to licence weapons

JWR’s Comment: Here is one of the most telling quotes from the article: “…air weapons caused anti-social behaviour…” (From this presumed causal relationship, we must also presume that those dreaded assault spoons cause gorging on Nutella.)

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In Texas on April 23: Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday – Pay cash and you’re home free!

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Kalashnikov USA’s New AK-Alfa Rifle – Thanks for the import ban. It was all they needed to innovate a really good product. Sent in by RBS