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Twitter Kills Pro-Second Amendment Ad Campaign. It’s not the fact that Twitter censors free speech on their network that bothers me; it is, after all, a private network. No. What bothers me is the fact that we keep using it, knowing that they do this. – DSV

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As we continually discover, it’s hard to “one-up” nature: A Massive Solar EMP Could Do More Damage Than A Nuclear EMP! – RBS

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More nonsense from the institution of higher learning: Clinical Law Prof Questions Indoctrinating Students With Social Justice Morality And Requiring Pro Bono By Students, Not Faculty And Administrators – Sent in by PLC

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Russian pilots are known for doing stupid things, and this is how wars start: Good photo of the SU-24’s CLOSE buzz job on the U.S.S. Cook

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A decent primer on carrying: The Mindset You Must Have For Concealed Carrying A Handgun

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