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APPROPRIATE THIS! The Social Justice Warriors – the first warriors to faint at the sight of a penknife – have a new weapon to show off their unearned moral superiority: CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, where mainstream culture steals from minorities without being “authentic.” Surprisingly Bill Whittle agrees with this and has a list of grievances all his own. Link sent in by B.B.

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Learning what not to do at a gun range by example – video: Don’t do this!

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Can’t afford a Berkey? DIY Ceramic Water Filter Kits, Revisited – Sent in by DMS

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Weapons for sale on Facebook in Libya. The important thing to remember about Facebook is that they’ve blocked “images of hate” like Confederate flags on Hot-Wheels cars here in the U.S… because they care. Ohhh…gotta go, somebody just put up another NOS crate of full auto, Soviet SMGs and Mortars. I want to get my bid in before sundown! – T.P.

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NJ Transit Now Recording What Riders Are Saying – DSV

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