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The nanny state strikes again: Education Texas School Bans Parents From Walking Children Onto and From School Property — and Principal Is ‘Threatening to Arrest’ Those Who Try – D.S.

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While we are on the subject of Marxist Indoctrination/Re-education Facilities public schools: 10 Ridiculous Instances Of Zero Tolerance In Schools – Sent in by DSV.

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If you travel by air, you may want to think twice about using these airports. Did you know that 297 U.S. airports do NOT screen employees before work on a daily basis…not even Muslim employees. Of course, I’m finding it difficult to come up with even a single case where the TSA has actually stopped a terrorist action. – B.B.

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Rent To Criminals — Or Else. The wording of the documents leaves much as vague and while it makes some exceptions, it is difficult to know for sure what they are. Do you really have to rent to the convicted child molester? – B.B.

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The assault on the first amendment: Federal Judge Goes after Shauna Cox’s Rights of Free Speech: Warns Her not to Speak Publicly about Oregon Standoff – RBS

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