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Serious Smoking Guns on Hitlery, written by a liberal: Do I Really Need to Worry About Hillary’s Emails? Yes. She Should Be Indicted. (Full Form)

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Spooked Neighbor Shoots Drone Out of the Sky As It Performed Legal Surveillance for Construction Company – Sent in by W.G.

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Since a drivers license is not required to ride a bicycle, I’m curious how these “speeding tickets” are issued. Papers please! Marin County Cops Using Radar Guns to Ticket speeding BICYCLISTS (Subscription required to read the full story.) – Sent in by T.P.

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Other Than Mexicans Just Walk Across Our Border Unimpeded…Video – The scope of the open boarder policy is almost unbelievable! – B.B.

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How Bad Would A Radiological Terror Attack Be? – Sent in by A.D.

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