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SurvivalBlog reader J.W. sent in this interesting article on Power Water Networks that were popular during the second half of the nineteenth century. This might be a usable skill for performing work should TEOTWAWKI happen.

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Some of these questions are so basic that it is truly scary to think that these are the next leaders of the world – or not. Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become – Sent in by B.B.

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Make Vinegar From Apples. This can be used for anything except “pickling”, which requires the use of known acidity. Sent in by D.S.

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Privacy Alert! Verizon is going to tell people where you are – again. Didn’t they just agree to pay the FCC $1.35 million for something like this?

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50 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Trash and Not Play into the Throw-Away Society – Learning again what our grandparents already knew. – DSV

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