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Someone has released stabilized and zoomed-in video of the Lavoy Finicum shooting that makes the tragic event a lot more clear. Without correlated audio of the FBI’s gunshots, this video is still inconclusive. But to describe this as evidence of Finicum exiting the vehicle and “charging at” the ambushing officers (as it was described by the FBI) is ludicrous. And the sight of him dropping his hands is just as consistent with reacting to the pain of being hit in the abdomen with bullets as it is with the alleged “reaching for his waist” to draw a handgun. There is also a question regarding the officer shooting from the right side. As the officer steps over the snow embankment created by Finicum’s truck, it appears that his foot slips and the firearm recoils. Immediately afterward, Finicum grabs at his abdomen. Did the officer “accidentally” discharge the first round because he slipped with his finger on the trigger? If that was indeed the first round discharge, then Finicum was shot with his hands high in the air.

Any knowledgeable coroner would be able to reconstruct the position of Finicum’s arms at the time of the bullet impacts, at least those that presumably hit his upper torso. But will such an autopsy report ever be released? I have my doubts about the eventual release of any more clear video of the event with an accompanying audio track. I expect the response to inquiries to be something along the lines of, “Sorry, that’s all the video you get. Nothing to see here; move along.”

This whole takedown smacks of jack-booted thuggery with total dominance as the goal– “Do what I say now or die!”.

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Government Using The Psychology Of “Lockdown” To Make Martial Law The Norm

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Several readers sent in the article on SHTFplan.com about The Web Sites They Don’t Want You To Read. We are downright disappointed that we didn’t make the list, as are our readers. Fortunately, Mac Slavo added his own short list, and now you have a page to bookmark with links to all your favorite alternative new sites in one location.

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Vigilant is starting to sound like SkyNet from Terminator: The Ticket Machine – T.Z.

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Sweden’s Army Chief Warns Of WORLD WAR 3 Inside Europe ‘Within a Few Years’ – G.P.

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