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The Rawles XL Voyager limited edition tanto pocketknife has been a strong seller for Cold Steel. I’ve been told that they now have just a few hundred left. So if you want one, then don’t hesitate. This is a limited edition, so once they are gone they are truly gone. (After they are only available on the secondary market, prices are expected to rise, driven by collectors. So you might want to keep the original box for your knife.) Note that all profits from the sales of these knives are going to charity. – JWR

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From the desk of Mike Williamson, SurvivalBlog Editor At Large: More license plate scanning. If I understand the article, this is, “Let me sell you this device. You can use it to collect all the money you’re owed and pay it to me to buy the device you use to collect the money for me.”

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Water matters… Could Sebring (OH) be the Next Flint (MI)? – Submitted by T.A.

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Others obviously have the same concern as JWR over HRC’s felonious email server: An Email Server to Die For

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Most Oppressive Forced Vaccination Bill Introduced in any State Moving Fast in Virginia – There will be no opting out of this one. – D.S.

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