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Hundreds of DHS badges, guns, cell phones lost or stolen since 2012 Exerpt: “…the phones are likely to have enough protocols in place to prevent them from being used for nefarious purposes, the badges and credentials are an entirely different matter and could allow access to sensitive areas such as cargo.” – A.L.

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Do you sometimes wish you had the same data as the police, when trying to find someone? Maybe you can… An Unprecedented Threat to Privacy Vigilant Solutions, makers of the license plate recognition software, has taken roughly 2.2 billion license plate photos to date and the data is for sale. To install a GPS tracker on your car, they need a warrant, but to see years of data in this location database, they just need to spend some of your tax dollars. – P.S.

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Danish teen fought off her attacker – now she’ll face fine – Using pepper spray, she was able to fend her attacker off, but she is now likely to be charged. – G.G.

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The Empire Has No Clothes – JFJ

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Feds installing facial recognition cameras to identify pedestrians at night and through fog – That name “Vigilant Solutions” keeps popping up again and again when it comes to finding unique ways to track you. – B.B.

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Last August a sudden onslaught of customer orders fully depleted the stock of Mountain House canned food at the factory warehouse. But now–most of the canned varieties are available again to Safecastle with discounts on MH canned food of between 32% and 46%. Get it while you can.

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