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Writing from his retirement home, the former press secretary to Democrat Governor Cecil Andrus (and biographer of the four-term governor) penned this diatribe: Serious questions about American Redoubt. This septegenarian Democrat did his best to sling mud, but he had difficulty finding a handful to toss. He sounded downright disappointed that the American Redoubt movement is anti-racist. In a fit of convoluted logic, he even implied that somehow we would be racists if the demographic situation were different. Sorry, sir, but that is not the case. (It is the statist leftists who are famous for situational ethics–not us constitutional libertarians.) In summary, all I can say is thanks to Chris Carlson, who has given the American Redoubt movement some publicity. Despite his best efforts, the Redoubt movement has a reputation for being level-headed, anti-racist, and liberty loving that remains untarnished. The extra publicity that his column generates will only serve to help the movement grow. Thanks again, Mr. Carlson. – JWR

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Have you ever stopped and looked around at the political scene, remembered what it used to be like, and wondered “what happened?” Do you find it strange that today’s conservative is oftentimes more progressive/liberal than yesterday’s liberal was? All-Of-A-Sudden. Sent in by A.L.

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Back on January 17th, 2016, an article ran in the Associated Press that stated that Maryland attorney general had issued an opinion that found that the governor had the authority to ration life-saving ventilators if a flu epidemic ever hit Maryland. That seemed kind of “out of the blue”. Yesterday we get word that a “flu” epidemic is sweeping the Ukraine. Up to 80 are dead and the schools are closed. You might want to make sure your preparations are in place for protections against the “flu”. – R.G.

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An excellent article posted on the dangers of calling a constitutional convention: Another Constitutional Convention: An Idea Whose Time Has Not Come – A.A.

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Feds not liable for truck damaged during botched drug sting. Apparently, the Feds can commandeer your truck, without your permission or knowledge, use it for a drug sting operation, and when it gets shot up and damaged they don’t have to pay for it. – T.P.

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