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For those who thought that 3D Printing and the Ghost Gunner milling machine were cool, this is simply amazing: The Pour Freedom-15 AR-15 100 Percent Lower Receiver Mold Kit

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It’s the X-Files – for real! 20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab “Leaks” Deadly Virus In Ukraine – W.C.

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SurvivalBlog reader B.B. sent in this link to an article by Dean Weingarten profiling misconduct by Connecticut State police. Every person with a smart phone is capable of being a reporter and there is no room for misconduct. Law enforcement’s job is hard enough without this kind of garbage from within its ranks. No one should be above the law.

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Grand jury indicts pro-life investigator behind baby part videos, clears Planned Parenthood. – RBS
I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the prosecution to explain how this can be the result. I do not believe that the end can justify the means, but for no charges to be filed against planned parenthood at all? The worst holocaust of all times continues unabated.

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So you are enjoying all this fresh snow on the ground? Feeling that childhood urge to eat some? Is It Safe? We Asked Scientists from NPR. Sent in by RBS.

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