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French Toast Warning! (Get your Milk, Eggs, and Bread now.) – Or better yet, just check your pantry and make sure everything is in order. More than 75MILLION people brace themselves for the wrath of Jonas – the monster East Coast snowstorm – as FIVE THOUSAND flights are canceled and panic buyers clear the shelves – JBG

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Reader BLW wrote in to tell us that while the east coast is expecting a major snow storm in the next couple of days, an unexpected clipper roamed through his area Wednesday night and it crippled the city. Only one inch of snow fell, but the roads iced over and apparently even the President’s motorcade spun our of control. The grocery stores are cleared, and the gas stations are out of gas. The governor of Maryland is telling people to be prepared to stay in place for a week.

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Sent in by A.L. The Right to Tell the Government to Go to H*ll: Free Speech in an Age of Government Bullies, Corporate Censors and Compliant Citizens “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell

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Reader B.B. sent in this link showing how Facebook is an Ignorant Tyrant.

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Due to Venezuela’s economic crisis, even the politicos have turned to growing their own food at home. President Nicolas Maduro has 50 chickens in his house. (Yes, you read that right– “in”.) Of course, true to form and a politician at heart, he then announced the formation of yet another ministry called the “Urban Farming Ministry”.

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