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SurvivalRealty has what I would term the “coolest” survival property ever in it’s listings. It’s a 165 acres located in the Western USA with a half mile tunnel (20 feet wide, 30 feet high and 2,400 feet long) on it. The property is 200 feet wide and seven miles long.

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K. in Tennessee sent in a link to 25 PVC projects. While some of these rate high on the coolness factor as well as the impracticality scale, some actually look useful.

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Reader GJS sent in the link to this article that explains What Amending the Constitution Cannot Do. Exerpt: “It should be clear from the foregoing that the answer is “no”. Amendment of the Constitution cannot abolish a right that was not granted by the Constitution in the first place. People who fail to grasp this understand neither the law, nor the Constitution, nor the Constitution’s ethical foundations.”

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B.F. sent in this interesting idea: Pocket FM radio transmitter. It’s a compact, covert FM radio transmitter that downloads news from a satellite source and re-transmits it over local FM radio bands currently being used. Once it gets a bit more technologically advanced, I wonder what applications it might have for preppers?

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A reader wrote in from AK today. They get two ships a week and a couple of barges for supplies up there. It seems that a barge of supplies couldn’t make it in due to storms in the Gulf of Alaska this week. They were shopping on Monday and the shelves were bare. On Tuesday, the Fairbanks News Miner had an article that their store shelves were also bare. They missed one day’s shipment and the stores were emptied. Imagine what it would look like if the shipments stopped for a week or two? or perhaps longer… How are your preps?

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