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SurvivalBlog reader T.Z. sent in a link on the GP-5 SSB Shortwave (+AM + FM) receiver. It is a bit complex to use with all the buttons and features, but it receives all the HF Ham bands (CB and shortwave too), has a useful scan/store channel feature, can use NiMH rechargeables or normal AAAs or even a Mini-B USB. It includes all the accessories, including a ferrite and clip-on wire antenna. It’s not very expensive, is small and has lots of extras, like alarm and temperature. It is receive only, but considering the number of Amateur Radio operators this would be a good way for the non-Hams to get the news and chatter.

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Michigan Becomes First State to Welcome Back Sub-$1 Gas

JWR’s Comment: This nationwide dip in gas prices represents a good opportunity to top-off your farm/ranch/home fuel storage.

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The Feds want speed limiters and surveillance devices installed in every car, truck and bus – More control where it doesn’t belong. – T.P.

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Reader GJS sent in this article on Guns of America about the Provident Living stores. SurvivalBlog has reported in the past on the great deals available to anyone at these locations. The selection isn’t large, but the prices can’t be beat.

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Homeland Security’s Ebola Response Put Public at Risk. An audit shows that 169 people who traveled to Ebola-affected countries weren’t properly screened. – G.P.

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