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SurvivalBlog reader K.S. wrote in with these links on how to re-pressurize spray cans. (This should work with anything in a spray can. As long as whatever is in it hasn’t dried up.) I don’t think he mentions it, but a basketball inflating needle would screwed into a blow gun would help.
This guy uses a tire valve. It just overpowers the built-in valve.
This guy refills the liquid while he is at it! (This would work well with anything you can buy as a liquid, like WD40 or maybe Rustolium?)

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Reader W.A. sent in this link with an ingenious hand made water well pump.

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NetFlix Reality Check did what?! You already knew (or at least suspected) that your cell phones were listening to you all the time. Reader C.P. sent in this link on how Symphony Advanced Media gathered data on what people watched by using their cell phone’s microphone to listen in. In this particular case, it was an opt-in program similar to Nielsen ratings, but still…this shows that the technology is already being used.

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While we in America struggle with how many holes you can put in a burglar with your home defense weapon before it is considered excessive, across the big pond, they are dealing with something else entirely. Reader JBG sent in this link showing that the courts have actually struggled on whether you can even beat the burglar up: High Court: you can beat up a burglar without breaching their human rights

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In Oklahoma, the bureaucrats have ruled that now foster parents can’t have guns – Sent in by D.S.

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