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The Right to Keep and Bear Blenders. The title is perhaps tongue-in-cheek, but as usual, Krayton Kerns, DVM (The Conservative Cow Doctor) has some pretty good words on the Second Amendment.

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Have you prepped for protection from mosquitos? As diseases proliferate, mosquitoes becoming Public Enemy No. 1

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The dangers of “high-tech” are sometimes forgotten or overlooked when looking at modern conveniences: Software bug forced Nest thermostats offline. High-tech may be “cool”, but make sure you have a low-tech option available.

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Reader D.S. wrote in: This European move to crack down on those who stand against crime is a lot like 0bama’s move to restrict citizens’ right to buy, hold, and carry firearms. CONTROL by Government is the operative principle.

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FBI Posing As Militia: Burns, Oregon – B.B.

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