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A conversation with one of our favorite bloggers, Patrice Lewis, resulted in this link. The Coil Pump – a nearly forgotten invention that can pump water to a head of over 60 feet from a slow moving stream. It’s a very useful skill to know.

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For anyone looking for gun parts and accessories, especially semi-autos, I highly recommend the forum set up by the Albert Brothers, Sturmgewehr.com. (Commonly called “Buddy’s Boards”–named after the main board administrator.) For the past 16 years, it was a very simplified board with some arcane posting rules, but they’ve recently implemented forum-style software that makes it much more user friendly. Check it out. Sign up is free, and it just takes a couple of minutes. – JWR

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From The Common Sense Show: Food and Medicine Will Soon Be Unobtainable. The supply chains are long and depend heavily upon the flow of cheap oil. Most urbanites don’t have a clue where their food comes from or what they will do if it’s not available. Now is the time to prepare.

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With the rise of anti-gun sentiment, both domestic and abroad, and the increase of rapes and other crimes against women on the rise as well, Reader RBS sent in this link reminding us that there was a time in Scotland when knives and cutting instruments were outlawed. Women still found a way to protect themselves. Lessons well learned and useful to us today. Due to technology, we have options today that they did not have.

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